Motorcycle Tire Pressures [How to get it right]

Motorcycle tires offer the necessary road grip that you need to drive smoothly and safety.

Getting the right motorcycle tire pressures will help you get the perfect traction as you drive on the road.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to get it right: motorcycle tire pressures.

Tire Pressure Chart for Motorbikes

Although tire pressure plays a crucial role in car maintenance, lots of riders still fail to check it properly. Taking safety into consideration, this is a major problem.

A tire loses pressure every day. Because of this, it is advisable to monitor your tires every time you stop.

More importantly, bear in mind that most vehicle, specifically, motorbikes, have unique tire pressure on their rear and front axle.

To get the right tire pressure on your motorbike, seek help from a tire tech, a manufacturer, or from other riders.

Manufacturers can suggest the accurate pressures based on your motorcycle’s type and OEM tire size.

They specify ‘pounds per square inch’ or PSI of pressure.

Oftentimes, mechanics and drivers assume that the highest tire pressure indicated on the sidewall of the tire is best suggested for inflation.

However, the thing here is that the number signifies the maximum pressure which is safely permitted.

Usually, it is higher than what the motorbike manufacturer recommends.

If you are not satisfied talking to the manufacturer, you can go to a reliable tire expert. Their experience and expertise can do the trick.

Also, you can check out this sample tire pressure chart.

Motorcycle Tire Pressure Calculator

Be warned that utilizing incorrect tire pressure may lead to a high-speed blowout wherein you can harm yourself, innocent bystanders, and other motorists.

air pressure device

​​​​Hence, it’s really important to determine the most accurate tire pressure for your motorbike.

If that is the case, motorcycle tire pressure calculator can be your best buddy.

Keep in mind that the load capacity of your motorbike is backed up by the air volume within the tire.

The maker identified the right air pressure for the first and original tire size of the equipment.

When you modify to an alternative size, know first the air pressure setting of this new tire on your motorbike.

With motorcycle tire pressure calculator, you can identify the best-suited air pressure setting for a certain tire as well as for a vehicle combination according to its load capacity and GAWR (gross axle weight rating).

Several devices can help you measure Tire Pressure:

What Will Happen If Your Tire Pressure Is Too Low or High?

Depending on whether you have too little or too much in your tires, incorrect tire pressure can have negative consequences.

For instance, your motorbike tire pressure is too low. The drawbacks may include:

  • Irregular wear
  • Quicker tire wear
  • Less precise movement which makes it hard for you to park
  • Understeering and oversteering
  • Less resistance against aquaplaning
  • Braking distance on wet roads are longer

Meanwhile, when you have too much tire pressure, you get:

  • More annoying tire noise
  • Less comfortable driving

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How Often Should You Check Your Tire Pressure? 

During warm condition, it is a must for you to check the tire pressure of your automobile at least once in a month.

Consistent warm weather may not be so detrimental to the tire pressure.

Nevertheless, if the weather becomes dynamic, you have to check your car’s tire pressure at least once in a week.

For a rule of a thumb, you have to check the condition of your tires on changing weathers.

If the weather is relatively warm, there’s a good chance that your tires might be overinflated.

In the other way, if your car is subjected to cold weather, there is a possibility that the tires are on the verge of deflation.

If you are living in snowy areas, and you don’t know how often you should check your tire pressure, check for it once in a week.

In addition to that, if you are driving down the road and there are snows around, there is a need for you to visit the nearest tire store to seek for equipment that works efficiently for slippery roads.

Air Compressors that you should own:

Other Cases

If your car bumps in debris down the road, especially in tough terrains, the efficiency of the tires might have been diminished.

In such related cases, there is a need for you to check the tire pressure every day if possible.

However, if you are not sure how often you should check your tire pressure in such conditions, you have to opt to seek advice from tire experts to know when and how you should maximize the efficiency of your tires.

If you failed to use your car for at least 15 days, it is very important that you check the tire pressure before getting on the road.

Flat tires should not be used. However, the looks of the tire are sometimes deceiving.

That’s why you have to visually look closer to make sure that your tires are in good condition.

Before going down the road with your car, you have to make sure that your toys are geared with maximum pressure level.

Be clear on how often you’ll perform the monitoring and drive with utmost assurance of performance and safety. It’s much better to be extra careful than regret in the end.

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Final Thoughts

Getting the tire pressure right is vital, not only to prolong your tire’s lifespan but also to ensure your safety when driving.

Don’t let an under-inflated or overinflated tire ruin or harm yourself, innocent bystanders, or other motorists just because you don’t know how to identify an ideal tire pressure.

Do a little legwork. Read your motorcycle’s manual or research from the website of your manufacturer.

You can also ask your fellow motorbike riders for their suggestion. Doing these, you’ll know how to get it right: motorcycle tire pressures.

What are you waiting for? Get your two tires inflated and enjoy your motorcycle’s optimum performance.

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