Funny Motorcycle Helmets & Stickers

Stickers are essential based on what they communicate to the public. They project messages that advertise businesses in marketing and give instructions or food for thought in some instances in life.

With a role as versatile marketing tools, you can use stickers whenever and wherever you deem necessary.

Apart from being motivated by business, the label can also be displaced for the sake of spreading information, a thought, political views, religious and nonreligious beliefs and so on.

And most notably, some stickers can be for nothing else but humor.

Placement of the sticker

The installation of a label can be one of the negative factors responsible for the sticker message not being well delivered.

The place or area you move around with your funny sticker needs to examined to know how suitable it is for the message the label is transmitting.

Your sticker marketing or displace has to be dead-on not in writing but the right location.

Hence, stickers play the role of frontline market tools in a variety of ways and can only be effective based on delivery, location, and presentation.

Companies that produce stickers put them in several categories, including offering funny motorcycle helmet  & stickers.

They are made in custom sizes, shapes, and even colors.

Also, they come in all the most beautiful stocks you can imagine. For example, in Vinyl, Paper stickers, Foil, PVC, and so on.

Moreover, motorcycle helmets seem to have some of the funniest decal stickers on the market and can be sighted around cities and everywhere else easily.

Bikers particularly like Funny Motorcycle Helmets & Stickers.

Remember that customers are fond of decorating their personal belongings like helmets especially with stuff that can captivate onlookers’ attention.

Your motorcycle helmet is your own free publicity space.

We are offering you 7 funny real-world and creatively hilarious stickers that you can personalize if they fit your sense of humor.

These are cut-to-size stickers that are sizable enough to fit your motorcycle helmet and display your funny side appealingly.

Also the funny stickers we have mentioned below come in a variety of sizes and can easily be removed, peeled and pasted on your helmet. 

Producing helmet stickers is the work of packaging companies such as Print Cosmo, that is one of the top packaging companies for the production of motorcycle stickers.

Without further ado, here are the 7 Funny Motorcycle Helmets & Stickers you can find in the market.

1. “When In Doubt Wheelie” Decal

As a motorcycle rider, you may need a funny sticker on your helmet to impress yourself with as well as anyone else that looks at your helmet.

With the ” When In Doubt Wheelie” decal, you are revealing your sense of humor.

The design of the sticker will fit any helmet accurately. The “When In Doubt…” sticker comes rectangular in a measurement of 3"x5" for your motorcycle helmet and of vinyl.

The texture consists of premium inks which resist the sun and other destructive elements.

That’s how the written message can last longer. Funny Motorcycle Helmets & Stickers like this one perfect for making amazing unique prank gifts.

You can pick between clear and white vinyl to make your helmets deserving of a smile and your rides more exciting.

Fun Motorcycle Stickers

2. “Astronaut Sloth”

You may be that rider with a sense of humor that is best expressed in images than in word or even both. “The Astronaut Sloth “sticker is a funny image of an astronaut bear in white with a helmet in hand, and an American flag tag on the space where it's putting on.

Just the look of the image is hilarious. The sticker is made of removable die-cut vinyl and seamless on motorcycle helmets.

It is designed for multiple surfaces too, including laptops, windows, journals, etc.

Hence, Astronaut Sloth” are produced in different sizes: extra large, large, medium and small.

Further, it also has a white border measuring 1/8th of an inch, surrounding each design with its round shape.

3. “Heroes Don't Wear Capes They Wear Dog Tags” Sticker

If you want a sticker that sends a funny and yet thoughtful message, then here it is. “Heroes Don't Wear Capes They Wear Dog Tags” sticker sells in a package measuring 6x8 inch that contains (1) 7.5x3 in (2) 3.4x1.2 inch stickers in size.

The design of the decals is such that you can just peel and stick on your bike helmet the same way you would on a door or bumper.

It comes in two sizes, meaning you can stick one on your helmet and the other on a car bumper.

The material is of high-quality vinyl. It comes in black and white.

4. “Have Helmet Will Ride”

When a sticker attracts your sense of humor, it is worth having. A stick may as well be expressing political views or promoting your beliefs and cause.

The “Have Helmet will ride” sticker makes people smile, and if you like it, then it is worth purchasing for your helmet.

It is a high-quality Funny Motorcycle Helmets & Stickers funny helmet sticker with the inscription printed on durable vinyl using premium inks.

The texture is sun resistant and makes it last longer than ordinary.

This helmet decal is seamless for your helmet, sense of humor, passion, or a prank gift for a loved one. You can go for either a clear on.

5. “2nd Amendment Shall Not Be Infringed” Sticker

If you are a politically minded American and adore the right to bear arms, then you will understand the funny side of this sticker.

The “2nd Amendment Shall Not be Infringed” is a skull sticker that comes in a package measuring 6x8 inch, and stickers each measuring (1) 4 in (2) 2.2-inch size.

Remove, peel and stick the decals to your bike helmet and have fun as you ride.

The reason for the two sizes is for sticking one on the helmet of your motorcycle and the other on the bumper of your car.

Besides, you can use the different sticker the way you want.

The material is of high-quality vinyl and comes in black and white. The price too is affordable. 

6. “I May Look Calm, But In My Head, I've Already Killed You 3 Times” Sticker

Which kind of sense of humor do you have?  “I May Look Calm, But In My Head, I've Already Killed You Three Times” Sticker is funny enough to attract a lot of motorcycle riders.

The sticker comes in a package of 6x8 inch dimensions containing (1) 7.5x3 in (2) 3.4x1.2 inch stickers.

Remove, peel and stick the decals to your bike helmet and have fun as you ride.

The reason for the two sizes is for sticking one on the helmet of your motorcycle and another on the bumper of your car, gas tank or door.

The material is of high-quality vinyl and comes in black and white. It is very affordable. 

7. “How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away” Motorcycle Helmet Sticker

A funny sticker such as this “How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away: is designed on a black and solid background.

It comes with imprinting letters that are white and reads “How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away."

Apply Stickers Correctly

Almost all of us can instinctively apply stickers on a helmet since we have dealt with sticking papers on board, wall or just on any surface before.

Unless for a reason we can’t determine, it’ll be difficult to attach it completely wrong.

Perhaps that’s why stickers and especially funny ones become so popular especially among motorcycle riders.

Additionally, knowing how to apply stickers is better to enable them last for a longer time while at the same time keeping underlying surface protected from damage is an ideal thing to learn.

Not everyone with a motorcycle and its helmet can stick a sticker accurately.

The steps bounded below will hold for all types of stickers or labels such as sheet, roll, die-cut, bumper stickers, motorcycle stickers, etc.

How to Apply Stickers correctly

Step 1: Find the right spot.

Look for a befitting surface smooth enough to fit the size and shape of your sticker.

Suitable coatings are metallic, plastic, glass, smooth concrete, finished wood and cardboard.

Ensure that your Funny Motorcycle Helmets & Stickers can survive through the conditions the chosen spot of the surface will experience over time.

Note that if the paper is uncoated, then it won’t last long.

You need to think twice before attaching the sticker to any painted surface.

Not that such labels last short period without any signs of issues.

However, after a long period of exposure to UV light, including pollution, the paint under the sticker will start discoloring faster than what the surrounding area would be experiencing.

This can result in noticeable paint outlines if the stickers get removed in a phenomenon called “ghosting.”

If you place a sticker over a surface that is painted, it’ll as well decrease the methods through which you can resort to; to remove the sticker safely. 

However, most often, ghosting and sticker removal is considered a moot point, which implies that the right place is the right place.

Step 2: Clean the surface

Make sure that you clean the specific area chosen to apply any of your chosen Funny Motorcycle Helmets & Stickers.

A damp cloth is probably the best thing to use for cleaning the surface if at all the surface is not too dirty to be cleaned via washing with soap and drying or wiping the helmet thoroughly.

When you’re sticking the sticker to your motorcycle helmet, make sure that the surface is entirely free of debris and dust.

Do not use any solvent that is harsh, or cleaning agents you have bought that will leave behind any residue that may resort too pasty to gum up or too much to function as expected.

If you are in need of liquid that is stronger than regular water, get a small quantity of lighter fluid, vinegar or isopropyl alcohol.

However, ensure that these substances will not have any unwelcoming effects on the surface or limit the sticking ability of the sticker on your helmet.

Step 3: Allow the surface to dry.

With a clean, dry cloth, you can wipe off the water and the moisture to ready the surface for application.

If you gum the sticker on a helmet that is moist, indeed, it will potentially limit their durability and possibly ruin the surface underneath.

This is especially significant for exposed metal surfaces, and for cardboard and leather.

Step 4: Wash your hands.

Before peeling off your Funny Motorcycle Helmets & Stickers, clean your hands enough to harbor no particles or substances of any kind.

That’s how you can prevent dirt, debris, and oils from sticking on the glue side and getting to the surface beneath the sticker.

Step 5: Peel the sticker

There is a backing layer that you should peel off the sticker. If it is a kiss-cut, roll, or sheet sticker, then bending the backing somewhat will discharge the sticker.

In case the die-cut stickers are individual ones, then you have to be extra careful as you remove the stickers out of the backing.

Be sure of the ultimate position before removing the whole sticker from the backing.

Step 6. Position the sticker

Prudently place your Funny Motorcycle Helmets & Stickers at your chosen spot on the helmet.

Try not to make any placement mistakes because peeling to correct the error is not applicable.

Take your time and rub it well with your fingers to hold well after you are done placing.

Step 7: Get rid of any air bubbles

Furthermore, you will need to secure the effectiveness of the exercise by squeezing out every air bubble using a flat tool smooth enough not to scratch the finishing of your sticker.

Running your device on the sticker technically so as not to miss any bubble, will be a perfect way to do it.

The funny words appear on Vinyl material, stretching over curves and your helmet screws.

Do you want some Funny Motorcycle Helmets & Stickers produced with the latest techniques, design, and printing?

Wrap Up

You can order them and get attractive customizations, affordable prices, 100% of quality printing and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

To get more of these funny motorcycle helmet stickers, you can browse the internet and select those that attract your sense of humor.