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Update 2018: The best scooter helmet for most people is the 3/4 Scooter helmet by Wow. See more options below.

You are probably here because you want to know the choices you have when it comes to choosing Scooter Helmets.

Well that's why Dragfever team wrote this post for you today.

Scooter helmets look like vintage or retro helmets. These helmets usually are open face ( or 3/4 ) helmets and may include half helmets as well.

We go through all possible types of helmets in this post.

Also, we have included sections such as about the best scooter helmets for women, helmets for kids and more..

Check out the Comparison table below and read detailed Reviews of the Top helmets.

Guide to the Top 3 Scooter Helmets

Dragfever's Recommended: HJC IS-33  Helmet

The thing which makes this helmet awesome is the retractable sun visor.

In many helmets the sun visor instantly springs back into the helmet with the push of a button however, in IS-33 there is a separate sun visor beneath the face shield that comes down by simply moving a lever on top of the helmet.

hjc black bike helmet

It is lightweight, comfortable and uses CAD technology. The shell of the helmet is solid and is made from advance polycarbonate material.

The face shield is durable and does not distort vision. It is anti-fog, anti-scratch and provides up to 95% protection from UV rays.

The helmet ventilation is superb. The vents on top keep your head cool. Another thing I really like about this helmet is the chin strap which is comfortable and snug and works well.

The interior of helmet is perfectly designed and couldn't get better. It is Moisture-wicking and odor-free with advanced silver anti-bacterial fabric which is easily removable and washable.

Long story short: The HJC IS-33 is probably one our favorite ¾ helmet & is an excellent to wear every single day!

Our Rating

The Premium : Shoei RJ Platinum R

The RJ platinum R comes with whooping 5 years of warranty. It is both DOT and Snell approved and gets an average rating of 4.6 across various forums (including amazon).

As far as the design, comfort and over all feel is concerned Shoei never lets you down. The helmet weighs just 4 pounds and feels super light on head.

The helmet has the Advance Integrated Matrix Plus AIM shell and a spoiler integrated to it.

Our Rating

Bell Pit Boss

Bell also did a great job by fitting an adjustable speed dial. This basically helps reduce for the helmet to lift of the head.

The helmet interior is very comfortable and it fits the head extremely well. The flip down visor is also a really nice feature. The neck curtain is also removable for cold weather.

Our Rating



glx black bike helmet

GLX Black Butterfly Motorcycle Half Helmet

yellow street bike helmet

Motorcycle Street Bike Scooter Open Face 3/4 Adult Helmet Yellow

BILT women pink bike helmet

CUSTOM BILT Women's Roadster Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet - XS, Bubble Gum

black and pink motorcycle helmet

Triangle 3/4 Harley Retro Scooter Helmet Open Face Cruiser [DOT] Pink

What are some really Cool or Vintage Scooter helmets ?

My Cool maybe different from your cool. Everybody's cool differs. However,we have found some really cool scooter helmets that we think are cool.

Most of these vintage helmets are between $50 to $100*.(*Price stated at the time of publishing )  Check them out Below :



leather brown half helmet

Leather Brown Motorcycle Goggles Vintage Garman Style Half Helmets Motorcycle Biker Cruiser Scooter Touring Helmet

red helmet with white star

Red White Star Open Face Motorcycle Helmet Retro Vintage EVO Helmet Sports Street Bike Cruiser Scooter Snowmobile Helmet

italian helmet for bikers

Vcan V500 Open Face Motorcycle / Motorbike Helmet - Italian S

black and white half helmet

Goggles Vintage German Style Half Helmet (Black White-star Large) Motorcycle Biker Cruiser Scooter Touring Helmet

german stlye black motorcycle helmet

German Motorcycle Half Helmet DOT Low Profile Matt Black

Can I Listen To Music While Riding A Moped/Scooter ?

Another thought that could come in mind while searching for a scooter helmets is buying a helmet that is bluetooth enabled which could be used to communicate to people when you are on the road.

You could play music, navigate using gps, talk to people and communicate with your phone to give command. This is a very nice feature that a person can use to make riding enjoyable.

We have a specific post on Bluetooth helmets where you can search great bluetooth helmets and kits for scooters.

If you still haven't found the right helmet, you could see our Full Face Helmets guide.

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