Ultimate Guide to Custom Motorcycle Helmets

Making a Custom Motorcycle Helmet would normally mean: Making a Specialized or Customized tailored helmet according to preference. Therefore, a custom helmet can not be produced in Bulk!

It’s kind of a limited edition unit of product that is exclusively available to you.

And it goes without saying – Even if its custom helmet, you still need to make sure that the helmet as really safe and protect your head in all circumstances.

There are basically various ways you can make a helmet custom – You airbrush it, custom Paint it or simply apply decals to make the helmet awesome.

Below we discuss some of the ways a helmet can be customized.

Option 1: Get Your Helmet Custom Painted

Hey wait, Don’t Just Throw your old helmet – You could very well use that to transform it into a new Customized helmet OR if you want a new helmet. You can go visit our home page, select a category and choose one for yourself.

( Update: Check out Some of the Coolest Helmets to get them Customized Here )

Now, There are Two ways you can achieve a custom painted helmet

  1. Airbrushing the helmet OR;
  2. Wet painting it

If you know how to paint thing, you can go on paint the helmet yourself. However, if you have no idea whatsoever, It’s better to hire an expert painter and get it done. Trust me, don’t try painting the helmet yourself or you will end up with an ugly crudely painted helmet.

Airbrushing a helmet simply involves using an airbrush to paint. This can be illustrated by a video. Check it out below:

If you want to paint your helmet yourself I highly recommend reading this book. The book Explains various techniques and tactics to paint things. Here’s the link to All About Techniques in Airbrush 

Here are a Few things to Keep in mind Before getting Started:

  1. Remove all the parts of the helmet you don’t want to paint ( such as Shield, Visor & inner Form/pads )
  2. Properly Clean the Outer Surface ( the outer shell ) of the helmet. Make sure to remove all the dust otherwise the paint would not come out right.
  3. Use Sandpaper to sand the outer shell ( or the place where you want to paint ). This would actually make the outer shell dull and helmet the new paint stick to the surface.
  4. Use Tape to cover any part you don’t want to paint. Like in the Video above.

and you can always find a professional to do the job if you are uncomfortable Doing it yourself.


Option 2: Apply a sticker OR Custom motorcycle helmet decals

Check out these really Cool Stickers or Decals Below:

( These can get really offensive sometimes )


F**K It! Hard Hat Sticker

Helmet Hardhat Printed color smile if you're not wearing p****** funny saying sticker - Weather resistant

Helmet Stickers Atv Motocross Biker Decals - Graphics Vinyl

Hard Hat Helmet Stickers - Decals Funny Graphics

Check out List of All Cool Stickers 

Option 3: Buy Custom Helmets for Sale

Yep, you can even buy helmets made by other people. Check Out the helmet on the right – It’s pretty Cool Smiley Helmet.

Actually, it’s better for some people to buy a Custom helmet then to make it custom themselves. You don’t have to learn the whole process of painting or amending. The process is hard and sometimes messy.

There are some awesome helmets that you can check out right now.

Click here to Check out the supplier’s Page ( P.S These helmets are now on sale )


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Option 4: Get a Helmet Skin or Cover to get your helmet Customized

Instead of getting your helmet painted or putting decals, you can actually apply a skin to your helmet to make it really cool.

Another benefit of getting a  skin is that it can protect your helmet from scratches & chips.

And you can also make an old helmet look new with a skin( instead of throwing it away ). You can check some the awesome helmet skins/cover here.

Option 5: Get A awesome mask to wear instead of a Helmet

 Well, you can get some really nice face masks BUT they won’t provide you head protect. Maybe a little bit of face protection but not to your skull.

This is a downside of getting a face mask but they do look cool. ( sometimes even better than a customized helmet )

So, you can check out some awesome badass face masks here. However, it’s not advisable to wear a face mask in place if a helmet ( just to look cool and stuff ) when riding a motorcycle or bike.


Option 6: Pinstripe a Motorcycle helmet

By definition, a Pinstriping ( or pin-striping) is the application of a very thin line of paint or other material called a pin stripe. It is normally used a decoration.

Pin-striping can actually be done on anything; which includes cars, trucks, helmets – anything that you want to get pinstriped.

This method is not easy. It takes a great amount of delicacy and cautiousness to get it done right. Mostly performed by pros.

These are some of the types of pin striping:

  1. Mechanical Pinstriping – As the name suggests, this type of pinstriping is performed with a help of a machine. This type is used basically on large surfaces such as that of trucks and loaders.
  2. Freehand Striping – This involves painting the strip manually by hand. This is really an Expert level task. You need to get to know how to do it and probably practice a bit before trying this out.

Check out the video below to get an idea how this is done:

If you are serious about this stuff, there are many awesome books written on Striping. Top ones mentioned below:

  1. How to pinstripe (Motorbooks workshop) by Alan
  2. Herb Martinez’s Guide to Pinstriping by Herb Martinez

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