Cool Motorcycle Helmets That Will Blow Your Mind!

Update 2017: Take a look at some of the coolest helmets online

Finding a Cool helmet? Well, that is why we wrote this post.

A helmet could potentially save your face, your skull and your life. So whether it's a cool motorcycle helmet or some other really weird helmet that is totally un-cool, You should wear at least some kind of safety to protect your head.

What's cool?

You see, everyone’s cool differ. What you might consider to be cool might not be as cool to your grandma.

We made an effort and found 10 coolest helmets of all time! All the helmets are purchasable from amazon.



 Key Features

  • plus
    Quick Release Goggle System (QRGS)
  • plus
    Includes a face protection masks
  • plus
    5/5 Ventilation system
  • plus
    Extremely comfortable fiber interior
  • plus
    Safe, DOT approved
  • plus
    Looks Badass!
  • plus
    Meets or exceeds DOT standards
  • plus
    3.3 Pounds
  • plus
    11.8 x 11.8 x 11.8 Inches
  • plus
    DOT approved
  • plus
    Five button snap system
  • plus
    3.7 Pounds
  • plus
    13.8 x 11.3 x 11.2 Inches
  • plus
    The Shell is very lightweight
  • plus
    Awesome ventilation, Adjustable air vent
  • plus
    Carbon Fiber over fiberglass
  • plus
    Available in various sizes

Star Wars: Super Deluxe Darth Vader Mask and Helmet

  • plus
    Not Recommended for travelling as the vision is somewhat limited
  • plus
    Very Detailed and indeed very close to the actual thing
  • plus
    Available in various sizes

Rubie's Costume Men's Star Wars Collector Stormtrooper Collectors Helmet, Multi, One Size

  • plus
    Made entirely out of plastic
  • plus
    Officially licensed item
  • plus
    Injection molded for a superior look and feel
  • exclamation-circle
    Not for Riding !

We have not posted fancy helmets that are not available anywhere. OR helmets that are either made by people themselves or are just concepts yet.

Check out these Super Cool Helmets:

Shark Raw Helmet

Watch This Amazing Review of Shark Raw Helmet by TheMissendenFlyer:

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Bell Bullitt TT Helmet

Watch the helmet review by RevZilla:

Cool Custom Designs

if you are looking for particularly 3/4 helmets, these puppies really stand out from the crowd. A 3/4 helmet provides less protection, particularly in the chin area. Nevertheless, they look just awesome and kinda give retro look wearing.

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Cool Full Face Helmets

These full face helmets are between $ 80 - 140 range.  Beautiful built, these helmets stand out from the crowd if you are planning to purchase as full face helmet.

Vintage Garman Style Half Helmet

Nice Vintage helmets to buy. One definitely looks cool & unique wearing this helmet. These are available in a different texture. You should definitely check these out for more detail. To see Prices and discounts, Scroll Below and Click The See more options button.

Skull Helmet By iv2

Relatively a lot cheaper than the above one. This is another really cool skull helmet.

Not how usually skull masks are but a half helmet that is even DOT certified. ( btw DOT stands for Department of Transportation and DOT certification on helmets are by far the safest rating ) So the helmet is really safe.

It would not protect your chin area, though.

Helmet 'Mohawk'

cool motorcycle helmet accessory:  If you have an existing helmet, you can make it even cooler by attaching this Mohawk which can be removed and reapplied to another helmet.

It can be easily attached to almost all helmets type as the material is soft. Plus, the installation is 2 on a scale of 1-10. The rubber is very solid & durable. The adhesive on the Mohawk holds ridiculously strong and won't get off even at 200 mph+ speed.

Helmet Mohawk - Part 2

The Spike Strips Helmet Mohawk can be attached to any helmet. Gets an average user rating of 4.3 out of 5.  The strip is made of leather whereas the spikes are made up of chrome ( Which makes them Rust Proof &  Shinny)

You can Enhance the looks of just any helmet by these spike strips.

Predator Motorcycle Helmets

Predator helmets have been around for some time (ask Arnold Schwarzenegger!). Ever since the movie franchise of The Predator grew in popularity these came to the market. 

These are not very appealing to a lot of people, but they will certainly do the trick if you hang out on Halloween.

It Is Really Up To You...

Deciding which one is the coolest motorcycle helmet is really up to your personal taste. There are TONS of really cool and unique helmets you can get your hands on.

Picking only one can make your head go crazy as there are some many options out there. 

I recommend you decide what type of helmet you want from the start and it will make your life easier (trust me!).

Check out these cool motorcycle helmets for women: