9 Best Women Motorcycle Helmets

If you are a female motorcycle rider, you want to feel the excitement in the road and the gust of the wind. However, wearing a helmet is inevitable. You have to follow traffic regulations and avoid accidents.

A woman’s helmet should be functional and fashionable at the same time. Here are the 9 best women motorcycle helmets in the market.

Types of Motorcycle Helmets 

There are many types of motorcycle helmets, so it is important that you know what type of helmet is fit to your style and riding needs.

Full Face Helmet

This kind of helmet gives full protection from noise and various weather conditions. In addition, your vision is well-protected from the wind because of its visor.

However, there are women who do not like this since it is a bit heavy and bulky. Some also feel that it gives too much coverage on the face.

Open Face Helmet

If you prefer more exposure for your face, you should consider getting this type. Because it leaves the face open, it is also known as a ¾ helmet.

You can communicate more easily, see better, and protect yourself from the weather. However, it does not provide good protection to the eyes since it does not have a visor.

Modular Helmet

This helmet is a combination of open face and full face types of helmet. Having a mobile chin bar, you can shift from using it as an open face helmet to a full face helmet.

One downside of using it is its weight.

Off Road Helmet

This is a helmet used for racing, so it has a sun visor, a vent specially made to let heat escape, and no face protection. To simplify, it is a full face helmet with more features.