7 Best Gmax Helmet Models that You’d love

GMAX Helmets are fast gaining popularity as one of the most preferred helmet brands available.

Their well-constructed helmets for motorcycles, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles are tested and proven to be an ultimate alternative for riders seeking to have something special.

Every GMAX helmet of all designs is tested very individually by professional and experienced riders. 

They make sure that any mask including any of these 7 GMAX Helmet Models That You’d Love is of the best quality.

After such thorough testing and confirmation, the GMAX helmet is then tweaked for performance to its required standards professionally before they can now be made available on the market for consumption.

GMAX is one of the most exceptional helmet companies among riders because of how solid its material is amidst all other perfect accessories it offers.

GMAX helmet riders, enjoy a lower-budget brand that comes with the extremely high quality compared to most brands competing with GMAX.

Whether it’s venting, fit and comfort, GMAX maintains its focus entirely on providing its consumers with the best models their money deserves.

GMAX helmets come full-face, modular and dual sport; and with them, you can get whatever quality helmet that is right for you.

 You can take a look at the GMAX GM54S that is built with integrated LED light, which you can sync up to a taillight.

Helmets that have heated shields don’t keep fog even when the weather is frigid.

Types Of GMAX Helmets

GMAX has been manufacturing GMAX snowmobile helmets for several years now, and these 7 GMAX Helmet Models That You’d Love are some of the best to buy.

The brand is quite popular and reliable. You need a guide like this that is meant to assist you in getting the correct GMAX snowmobile helmet you need.

How To Purchase Your Gmax Snowmobile Helmet

You have to decide and pick the type of GMAX snowmobile helmet you most need. GMAX makes a variety of snowmobile helmets that are categorized as follows:

Full-face snowmobile helmets 

They include the FF49 designed for adults as well as the GM49Y intended for youth.

They are common snowmobile helmets that come full-face, each including a dual lens shield and a breath box. Also, the GMAX FF49 comes with a guard that has an electric duel lens.

Modular snowmobile helmets 

These type of masks have a front which flips up when a button is pushed. They include dual lens shield together with breath box. The models differ in a couple of extra features.

Dual Sports snowmobile helmet of the GM11S model 

It’s designed such that it is a snocross and the conventional full-face snowmobile helmet. It’s more or less a snocross shell, close-fitted alongside a shield of dual lens including a breath box.

GMAX Motorcycle Helmets

GMAX motorcycle helmets outclass other brands in how comfortable and seamlessly fitting, gorgeous in appearance and affordable in price they are.

These are helmets designed such that they come with high-class quality features that are typical of only expensive helmets.

Buying these helmets means, getting its features at a lower price.

Some features of GMAX helmets include:

  • Lightweight: GMAX motorcycle helmets are lightweight.
  • Superior Fitting: GMAX is excellent at offering splendid fitting helmets. The brand is fast gaining its favorable position in the market regarding competitiveness.
  • Premium Venting: These are helmets that are also designed with premium venting which offers both safety and wellbeing to the consumer.
  • Coolmax Interiors: It is a feature that’s responsible for making GMAX among the most preferred helmet brands to users.

GMAX Dirt Bike Helmets

GMAX makes some of the best dirt bike helmets ever, alongside many other competing manufacturers.

Additionally, due to modern technology born out of research, GMAX has modernized each of their dirt bike helmets with ample features to make the mask smart in every aspect.

Such features make the GMAX safer, more comfortable. With these list of  7 GMAX Helmet Models That You’d Love, you will get the right helmets.

Besides, many of these helmets have Snell approval.

Approval that comes just after manufacturers must have released their dirt bike helmets through a process of support that is way stricter than the method which DOT puts masks under.

Where To Buy GMAX Helmets?

The helmet industry has lots of authorized dealers in GMAX helmets.

When you are buying GMAX motorbike helmets, you should ensure that the helmets you are wearing are appropriately fitted to render safety and comfort.

You can assume a wide range of features when purchasing any of these 7 GMAX Helmet Models That You’d Love.

Remember to make sure that your new helmet is built with features such as removable cheek pads, removable interiors, padded chin straps, deluxe ear pockets, chin curtains, face-shields and neck curtains (Dual anti-fog).


1. GMAX OF-17 Open Face Motorcycle/Scooter Helmet Titanium

The Gmax OF17 is a new favorite helmet that provides many features of the premium open face helmets, and you can get it from your budget no matter what it is.

Like every other Gmax helmet, this one comes with a standard Coolmax interior, and 100 percent UV400 face shield built for standard protection.

With your Gmax OF17 Open Face Motorcycle /scooter helmet, you can as well run in using a sun visor.

It is great for going around town and feeling some wind around your face will be satisfying.

You surely want a product that is not only good, but DOT approved as well.

Further, the interior is DuPont Coolmax which is constructed to keep you comfortable and dry.

With Coolmax, the moisture in your body wicks away and dries in the shortest time possible.

Moreover, this very Coolmax interior is adjustable, removable, and washable and therefore guarantees stress-free cleaning as well as custom fitting, put them in the 7 GMAX Helmet Models That You’d Love

The new GMAX is of the industry’s top six vents and does include its top & rear vents which have first-class SPC vented EPS together with an engineered interior that provides maximum control of the air flow.

The communication system is excellent too and includes speaker pockets.


  • Chin Strap
  • Outstanding Sun Visor
  • Coolmax for keeping you dry and comfort


  • Heavy weight

2. GMAX GM54S Modular Helmet

You want a GMAX helmet like the solid GMax GM54 modular design which lets the flip-jaw’s rotation way back on the helmet’s crown.

Its rotation does not only add the line of sight of the user during race motion but, it reduces the fatigue of the user through sustaining an equal weight distribution throughout the helmet.

The GMax GM54 as in the 7 GMAX Helmet Models That You’d Love is built such that the inner flip sun shield raises easily and lowers following a lever that is located on the helmet’s exterior.

Its single lens shield of the face is free of distortion. 

The helmet comes with an integrated red LED light in the rear that has a multi-function purpose.

Also, the chin build is one hand, and the mechanism is easy to use, and it’s a push to open

Further, the alloy shell is a lightweight and of thermo-plastic construction which has an excellent sealing that reduces noise and air.

Moreover, you will get a helmet with a Dual Exhaust Venting System side, top and rear venting that lessens fogging and also sweating via hot air entry.

The Coolmax brings a liner for comfort and soft cheek pads for comfortable sizing, making it one of the 7 GMAX Helmet Models That You’d Love


  • Great chin strap
  • Perfect venting and flows ample air
  • Operating the modular flip up is simple using gloves
  • Rear light serves as an excellent extra safety feature


  • Weight: It has all standard features but weighs heavily
  • Produces a little bit more wind noise; above 45mph

3. GMax Flat Black GM54 Modular Helmet

The modular is a design that enhances a "flip-jaw" rotation back on the head’s crown.

The flip-jaw’s rotation does not increase the rider’s line-of-sight while raising but it does reduce the rider’s fatigue, thereby sustaining a level weight distribution throughout the helmet.

With this brand as in some of these 7 GMAX Helmet Models That You’d Love, you get the sun lens’ inner flip tint that comes new and is built to be stress-free.

Further, the perfect single lens comes with a shield that is distortion free.

Additionally, there is a kid for a LED brake light which transfers the motorcycle’s brake light using a wireless system, activating the helmet’s LED flash.

The jaw mechanism is push-to-open, raised and lowered without effort. It is lightweight, and DOT approved.

It also comes with an excellent shield sealing that lessens undesired noise and air.

The Coolmax brings a liner for comfort and soft cheek pads for comfortable sizing.

Moreover, this very Coolmax interior is adjustable, removable, and washable and therefore guarantees stress-free cleaning as well as custom fitting


  • Adjustable chin vent
  • Bigeye port that improves vision range
  • Built-in communication speaker
  • Soft helmet bag included


  • Fogging of face shield during a stop before clearing once movement starts

4. GMAX OF77 unisex-adult open-face-helmet

In comparison with others in the 7 GMAX Helmet Models That You’d Love, this GMAX OF77 unisex adult helmet is an open face and comes All new as a product built off of GM67, an extremely successful product.

This helmet's features the spa soft (ALL new) as well as Coolmax interior, including multi-density cheek pads. The OF77 feels more like wearing a combination of two helmets as one.

The comfort the helmet offers is like that of an open one, and also its unique design allows it to be able to swiftly and quickly change into a full-face helmet.

That is very vital for riders; male or female seeking to increase for those looking to raise their safety and comfort as they install the jaw piece which is of course optional.

Further, the alloy shell is lightweight and of thermo-plastic construction that has an excellent sealing that reduces noise and air. It is DOT approved.

You will find the inner sunshield interesting, for you can quickly raise or lower it using a lever that is located on the helmet’s exterior.

When it comes to the most exceptional anti-fogging tech in the market today, the inner shield leads the way.

Moreover, you will get a helmet with a Dual Exhaust Venting System side, top and rear venting that lessens fogging and also sweating via hot air entry.


  • Soft padded chin strap with a high-quality clear coat.
  • Deluxe ear pockets for communication systems
  • Helmet bag included
  • It is DOT approved


  • No light on the back of the helmet

5. GMax Flat Black/Silver GM65 Naked Rose Half Helmet

GMax’s GM65 Naked Half Helmets are made of many design features which comprise of tool-less sudden change sun-shield systems, and dual density EPS styro.

It brings about a lightweight helmet, designed like a shell and it has sun shields rated UV400 for 100% UV protection.

The GM65 is DOT approved, and it’s a thermoplastic poly-alloy shell.

The construction is a coverable and hard coated UV400 sun-shields which are built for quick and tool-less removal as well as a replacement. 

That qualifies the GM65 to fall in the 7 GMAX Helmet Models That You’d Love

The GMAX has built each of these helmets such that they include the factory installed UV400 tinted sun shield and a very clear UV400 shield inside the box.

Also, the EPS styro (dual density) is made to allow a fit with a low profile meanwhile still providing a DOT certified helmet.

Also, the GMAX helmets come with a detachable snap-in for a neck curtain (rear )designed for riding in cold weather


  • Premium venting for heat reduction at helmet head
  • Fully removable comfort liner Coolmax®  material
  • Top quality painted shell
  • A chin strap - double D-ring


  • Fogging of face shield during a stop before clearing once movement starts


The GMAX MD04 Modular Snowmobile is an advanced helmet that comes with Electric Shield. All New MD04 is made from the widely held GM44 modular helmet.

It even has a remodeled jaw plus shell for 2017. However, every great function of the original GM44 features in it.

It is DOT approved, and it’s ABS shell is lightweight. The GMAX has an ultimate function jaw breath system for guarding which flips up.

Moreover, the Dupont Coolmax®has an interior that functions help with added performance, keeping you dry as well as comfortable.

Coolmax is your body moisture remover and quick dryer.

The Coolmax interior and the cheek pads are detachable, flexible and washable making it worthy to feature in the 7 GMAX Helmet Models That You’d Love.

Moreover, you will get a GMAX helmet with D.E.V.S a Dual Exhaust Venting System top and rear venting that lessens fogging and also sweating via a hot air mouth area and head top escape.

The mouth vent is adjustable and guides air upward through the shield’s interior to facilitate the reduction of fogging.

Its superb shield seal does reduce unwelcome noise and cold air. It comes with a fitted dual lens (electric snow-shield), a breath box together with a power cord.

Also, it has no screw and therefore remains easily removable.

You will as well get a protective lower rubber that is entirely aesthetic, and it is meant for molding around at the helmet shell bottom.

Also, going for the GMAX MD04 Modular Snowmobile helmet means having a mask with a perfect Snap-in detachable chin curtain that is non-vented


  • Padded chin strap
  • Built-in speaker pockets designed for a perfect fit and comfort
  • Deluxe ear-pockets
  • Painted shell


  • Fogging of face shield during a stop before clearing once movement starts

7. GMAX GM-32 SOLID motorcycle  Helmet

The GMAX GM-32 comes with a modern design from the smallest to the most significant size. Its construction blends the advanced convenience of the interior sun visor together with the adaptability of a three-snap visor system.

Also, it has a Coolmax interior that is 100 percent UV400 tinted-shield that includes for extra-sunny days as well. As the strength of GMAX products, the GM-32 is DOT approved also.

The helmet also has a flow-through exhaust venting, built to facilitate the pulling of the required fresh air, while removing unwanted air using vents made for that purpose.

Additionally, you want a helmet with detachable, washable and modifiable Coolmax® interior which permits stress-free cleaning and customized fitting. The 3-snap-detachable visor simplifies its use.


  • Retractable and tinted inner-sun shield
  • Glove hand  controlled vents and inner-sun shield
  • Availability of flip-up double  and single lens
  • Intercom Compatible


  • Adjustable to people with round heads

Wrap Up

Considered to be one of the best fitting helmets in the industry, GMAX Helmets provide an excellent level offer regarding safety and comfort with their Coolmax® interiors, detachable liners and cheek pads. That also includes lightweight shells for fatigue reduction.

GMAX helmets are great in snow, street and dirt ride irrespective of conditions. The models come with anti-fog visors.

The brand’s blend of the best prices and reliable quality, mixed with ultimate technology is what makes these 7 GMAX Helmets Models That You’d Love, worth your interest.

GMAX helmets for snowmobile, motorcycles, and dirt-bikes have been around for many years and have never disappointed in its quality.

A guide like this one is meant to help you figure out how to purchase the right GMAX helmets for you.