9 Best Motorcycle Gloves [Buyer’s Guide + Reviews]

Getting the best motorcycle gloves is an investment that will keep your hands warm, blister-free, and comfortable while holding your handles for long durations.

If you are looking for the best motorcycle gloves, we have carefully hand-picked the top options and prepared a buying guide to assist you.

What are the Different Types of Motorcycle Gloves?

There are many different types of motorcycle gloves for you to consider purchasing, people who want to have gloves that are good for use in the summertime will probably want to purchase the best motorcycle gloves for summer.

Accordingly, people who want gloves to be warm in the winter will want to purchase the best motorcycle gloves for winter.

In any case, there are many different types of gloves outside of just these options.

For example, there are certain gloves that are great for racing, those which are great for long adventures, ones that are made with leather, and those which can be used for many different uses.

Instead of simply looking for the best Gore-Tex motorcycle gloves (which many motorcyclists will understandably do), it is important to consider other options as well.

What Features Matter Most in the Best Motorcycle Gloves?

Motorcycling can be a dangerous activity. Your mother probably already told you that when you showed her your first bike.

This is why the first thing which matters most in motorcycle gloves is that they add to your safety in the event of an accident.

If you think about it, sometimes your hands are the first thing to hit the ground when an accident happens.

This is why having gloves with armored knuckles, joints, and palms is a very popular option in any of the best motorcycle gloves.

Leather is a common material that the best motorcycle gloves will come with since it is traditionally known to be very durable and withstanding long durations of use wonderfully.

There are also other fancy features such as being able to use your smartphone with your gloves on, for example, that some people will really love.

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How Much Should I Pay for Motorcycle Gloves?

Motorcycle gloves will be one of the least expensive parts in the different things that you can get for riding gear.

Jackets are probably one of the most expensive things you can get.

After all, these are just gloves, and you shouldn’t expect to pay too much to protect your hands.

As a result, if you want to get the best motorcycle gloves for your personal needs you should expect to pay anywhere between $10 – 30.

However, since the price of things can be really variable over time, you shouldn’t expect that this range will remain constant for a long time.

In fact, you should expect that this range will change as new models come out, the economy changes, and many other factors which are simply impossible to predict.

If you are careful with how you spend your money and make sure to follow the above guidelines, you should regardless be able to find the best motorcycle gloves rather easily within a reasonable budget.

Best Overall Motorcycle Gloves

Men’s Premium Leather Street Motorcycle Protective Cruiser Biker Gel Gloves

Jackets 4 Bikes Men's Premium Leather Street Motorcycle Protective Cruiser Biker Gel Gloves XL
  • Made of top quality Aniline Goat leather.
  • Comfortable liner on the back of palm and reinforced palm.
  • Gel padding on wrist for vibration protection.

Anybody who wants the best overall motorcycle gloves should take a good look at these ones before choosing other options.

Due to their high-quality design which comes in all shapes and sizes, is made of top-quality goat leather, and gel padding on the fingers, these gloves really prove themselves as the best overall motorcycle gloves, depending on which features you need the most.

The gel padding on the fingers sits comfortably on your skin when used with the adjustable Velcro strap, and eliminates the annoying vibration problem which causes other gloves to rattle around your wrist when you are riding.

They are also flexible, warm, and nice for long durations of use.


  • High-quality motorcycle gloves are available in several sizes.
  • Made of top-quality goat leather which is soft, warm, and flexible.
  • Gel padding on the wrist is great at fighting vibration on your motorcycle.
  • Velcro strap for a customizable fitting.
  • Double stitching around areas that might otherwise break.
  • Protective padding on the fingers.

Best Motorcycle Gloves For Winter

FREETOO Tactical Motorcycle Gloves

FREETOO Workout Gloves for Men Knuckle Protection Gloves for Motorcycle Heavy Duty Work Outdoors...
  • Full Dexterity Gloves
  • Wear-resistant & Anti-Slip
  • Full Hand Protection & Breathable

Anybody who is budget-conscious might consider these to be the best motorcycle gloves for the money.

With the ability to be used in summer or mild winter seasons, plenty of breathing room to allow air to reach your hands, and the option for several different colors, these are a great pair of gloves that are very much worth the investment.

There is synthetic leather on the palms of these gloves which provide anti-skid gridding and a beautiful design which makes them suitable for a wide array of uses.

If you are budget conscious and want to get a high-quality pair of motorcycle gloves, this should be an option which you look at first.


  • High-quality motorcycle gloves available in several sizes.
  • Adjustable wrist Velcro allows you to tighten or loosen easily.
  • Synthetic leather palm with anti-skid gridding.
  • Capable of being used for motorcycling, work, camping, shooting, and so on.

Best Motorcycle Racing Gloves

ILM Alloy Steel Knuckle Motorcycle Gloves

ILM Steel Knuckle Touchscreen Motorcycle BMX MX ATV MTB Motocross Dirt Bike Racing Downhill Tactical...
  • Professional alloy steel protection parts, made by injection molding, 100% full protection,...
  • Engineered according to the human body. With maximum protection for the joints, the finger...
  • The outer part of the hand is design using a large area of U type protection, the arch-shape is...

Due to the fancy design and durable build of these gloves, these ILM gloves are probably the best motorcycle racing gloves that you can purchase.

Since they excel at repelling water, they are also perhaps the best waterproof motorcycle gloves.

The feature that sticks out most in these gloves is that the joints and other parts which might hit the ground are protected by metal, making them very durable.

Additionally, these gloves come in many different colors and sizes, making them suitable for anybody to use for racing.

If you simply want the best motorcycle racing gloves, you will appreciate the durable and anti-slip grip of these gloves and use them for a long time.


  • High-quality motorcycle gloves available in several sizes.
  • Joints constructed with anti-collision protection.
  • Beautiful design will withstand scrapes and minor falls.
  • Anti-slip gripping and excellent levels of comfort.

Best Leather Motorcycle Gloves

FXC Full Finger Motorcycle Leather Gloves

FXC Full Finger Motorcycle Leather Gloves Men's Premium Protective motorbike
  • An extension of your body, the Pursuit glove melts away from conscious thought and lets you...
  • Ensure a proper fit: Measure your hand with a tape measure around the knuckles of your hand. M:...
  • Thumb and forefinger With a smart tip to touch screen, even when you wear the glove, you can...

Anybody who wants the best leather motorcycle gloves will enjoy the nice comfortable and warm design of these wonderful gloves.

Coming in several different sizes and with plastic knuckle armor which will protect you from minor falls and scratches, this glove is also considerably durable and will protect you from harming yourself.

One feature which is particularly nice about these gloves is that they come with a smart tip on the thumb and forefinger of each glove which will allow you to use a smartphone with your gloves on.

Due to this feature, the comfortable design, and the durable plastic armor, many people consider these to be the best leather motorcycle gloves.


  • High-quality motorcycle gloves available in several sizes.
  • Durable sheepskin leather design.
  • Plastic knuckle armor to protect against minor falls.
  • Thumb and forefinger equipped with a smart tip to allow touchscreen use.

Best Motorcycle Gloves For The Money

Military Hard Knuckle Tactical Motorcycle Gloves

HIKEMAN Gloves for Men and Women Hard Knuckle Gloves for Outdoor Sports and Work Suitable for...
  • TACTICAL GLOVES: to protect your hands from abrasion and scratching in sports and activities...
  • BREATHABLE COMFORT: achieved by odor-free breathable materials and functional vent design,...
  • TOUCH SCREEN FUNCTION: Increasing the friendly touching function to thumb and middle finger...

If you are looking for the best motorcycle gloves for winter, take a good look at these wonderful leather gloves which are suitable for cold weather conditions.

These gloves come in all popular sizes and can be purchased in a few different colors, allowing you to personalize them before you buy them.

They are considerably warm when taken out into cold weather conditions.

They also do a good job at keeping your hands dry so that you don’t begin sweating and then defeat the purpose of having cold weather gloves in the first place.

This is why many people will make this their top pick while looking for the best motorcycle gloves for winter.


  • High-quality motorcycle gloves available in several sizes.
  • The breathable design provides adequate airflow to your hands to fight to sweat.
  • Great levels of flexibility.
  • The anti-slip design will provide a great grip on whatever you are grabbing.

Best Adventure Motorcycle Gloves

Milwaukee Leather Men’s Premium Leather Perforated Cruiser Gloves

Milwaukee Leather MG7500 Men's Black Perforated Leather Gel Padded Palm Motorcycle Hand Gloves W/...
  • ✅ Protective Motorcycle Gloves | Our protective motorcycle gloves for bikers feature padded...
  • ✅ Adjustable Wrist Strap Men's Driving Gloves | Experience the perfect fit with our full...
  • ✅ Premium Cowhide Leather Riding Gloves | Our specially crafted full-grain black cowhide...

If you want to find the best motorcycle gloves which are perforated and come with enough padding to protect your palms and knuckles while riding, these premium leather gloves should be one of the first options you look at.

With a nice perforated design which many riders will prefer over unperforated gloves, these gloves are great for long rides out on the highway and fit beautifully on your hands.

They are not an extremely heavy or light design, making them capable of being sported year-round.

One thing to keep in mind is that people with longer thumbs might have a hard time fitting into them.

However, if this is not an issue for you then you might still consider them the best motorcycle gloves due to their fancy, comfortable, and protective.


  • High-quality motorcycle gloves available in several sizes.
  • Premium leather material.
  • Padded gel palms and soft knuckles.
  • Perforated Glove Design.

Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves Motorcycle Gloves

If you want the best motorcycle gloves for the money these Hard Knucle Gloves ones should be a top option for you to consider.

With a beautiful design which is pleasing to the eye, you would never guess that these gloves are as affordable as they are.

With hard knuckles to protect from falls and reinforced palms which have a considerably good grip, they have many of the same features that other top-quality motorcycle gloves do as well.

Although they are clearly great for motorcycling, they can also be used effectively for many different types of activities including shooting, batting, and cold weather.

If you need a reasonably priced pair of gloves which are also capable of being used for the necessities that motorcycling requires, this is a great option to consider.


  • High-quality motorcycle gloves available in several sizes.
  • Hard-knuckles to protect from minor falls and accidents.
  • Palms are reinforced to protect from blisters and is water resistant.
  • Great for other uses outside of motorcycling.

Best Motorcycle Gloves For Summer

VAOO Light Silicone Get Pad Motorcycle Gloves

VAOO Bicycling Gloves, [2016 with Free Stylus Pen] Full Finger Bike Gloves Light Silicone Get pad...
  • New upgraded version on the market, premium quality full finger bike gloves, provide all...
  • Back of hand material: Air mesh fabrics, lightweight and provide maximum comfort and airflow,...
  • Palm material: Padded single layer AX Suede, fits palm for exceptional durability and grip;...

Due to the light design of these gloves which provides plenty of airflow, the VAOO Light Silicone Get Pad are perhaps the best motorcycle gloves for summer.

They have a beautiful design which is best described as a mixture of the colors black and white blended together using the manufacturer’s logo and an artist’s touch.

They also come with silicone fingertips which will help you to improve your gripping capabilities.

There is also a Velcro strap placed on the wrist of each of these gloves which will allow you to customize how tight they fit onto your hands.

Anybody who simply wants the best motorcycle gloves for summer will heavily appreciate the light design of these gloves.


  • High-quality motorcycle gloves available in several sizes.
  • Beautiful artwork and aesthetically-pleasing.
  • Light design great for warmer seasons.
  • Silicone fingertips which help improve gripping ability.
  • Velcro strap customizes how tightly they fit on the wrist.

Gore Tex Motorcycle Gloves

StrongSuit 20300-L Voyager Leather Motorcycle Gloves

StrongSuit 20300-L Voyager Leather Motorcycle Gloves, Large
  • Stylish and sleek motorcycle gloves
  • Form fitted, pre-curved fingers for better fit, Size runs small. It is suggested to choose one...
  • Reflective piping for added safety and nighttime visibility

Since these are made from durable drum-dyed cowhide leather and lined with gore-tex, these gloves are built to last a long time.

This is why many people will consider them to be the best adventure motorcycle gloves.

Since they have reflective piping that allows them to be more visible in the nighttime, they are also great for late-night adventures which might otherwise be a little riskier.

These gloves are made with high-quality drum-dyed cow leather which will stay soft and comfortable for many years of use.

They also have a nice set of knuckle armor which will keep you relatively protected from minor scrapes and scratches that result from minor falls.

Anybody looking for the best adventure gloves will love the durable build of these gloves which are sure to last a long time.


  • High-quality motorcycle gloves are available in several sizes.
  • Made with drum-dyed cow leather
  • Reflective piping provided increased nighttime visibility and safety.
  • Knuckle armor provides protection from slips and falls.

Things to consider when purchasing motorcycle gloves

Gloves are a vital part of any motorcycle rider’s outfit. Not only do they protect you from injuries, blisters, and calluses but also provide insulation from cold weather and allow for the use of touch-screen devices. You may ask why we need these fancy gloves when using our smartphones and riding concurrently. Well, the reason being is when you are on a motorcycle your hands are constantly exposed to the elements. Airflow around you is minimal and this can cause cold hands even in warm weather without suitable protection.

Venting: If your gloves don’t have proper venting then your hands will sweat like crazy! This will create sticky palms and fingers which can make you lose grip on your handlebars.

Liner: If your gloves don’t have a comfortable liner then the chances of them getting uncomfortable quickly is very high. You want a glove that isn’t too tight or loose around the wrist because if they are loose, it will cause your hands to move around freely while you are riding.

Palm: If the palm of your gloves is too thin or made with materials that aren’t good for grip, then obviously this will compromise your ability to hold onto the handlebars. This is an important factor when choosing motorcycle gloves because no one wants a slipping hand!

Breathability: A feature that a lot of people overlook. A motorcycle glove’s job is to keep you warm and dry, no matter the conditions! Breathability in a glove allows airflow throughout the hand liner which keeps them from getting sticky after extended riding sessions.

Corded vs Lace-up: You have the option to get either a lace-up or corded glove. Lace-up gloves are great if you have short fingers, but they can take a long time to break in and cause blisters if not done correctly. Corded gloves are easy to put on and take off but they usually aren’t adjustable which causes them to be either too tight or too loose.

Get the right fit: It is important that you get the correct size of glove for your hand! You don’t want to slip palms while riding because this could lead to an accident. Glove manufacturers use different sizing systems so it’s best to check before making a purchase. Most will use either American or European measurements as shown below: The outer shell of a motorcycle glove is made from leather, textile, or something similar which provides body armor and a comfortable fit. Who doesn’t love protection from elements such as the sun, cold and bugs that try to ruin your day! These features are ridiculously useful especially while riding long distances when you need something that will keep at least one of your hands warm!

Best Motorcycle Gloves: Summary

Finding the best motorcycle gloves is a process that requires you to carefully consider what your budget is, what type of glove you want, and which features matter the most to you.

Since there are many different options to choose from, what matters most is your personal preference.

This being said, the best overall motorcycle gloves are probably the Men’s Premium Leather Street Motorcycle Gloves from Jackets 4 Bikes.