Fallout Helmets – How do you get one ?

Fallout helmet is special gaming helmets licensed by Bethesda Softworks. Bethesda Softworks is an American video game publisher located in Rockville, Maryland.

This company was founded on June 28, 1986, by Christopher Weaver.

Since the beginning, Bethesda has been mainly involved in making role-playing video games having two main series which are The Elder Scrolls and Fallout.

There several video games released by Bethesda since 1980s, some of these includes Wayne Gretzky (1988-1992), Terminator series (1990-1992), IHRA Drag Racing series (2000-2004), Pirates of the Caribbean series (2003-2006), Star Trek series (2006), Fallout series (2008-2017), and prey in 2017.

Bethesda Softworks is not only involved in publishing games, but it is also known in producing some of the game accessories like Fallout Helmet.

The following are the three of the most leading fallout helmets that can be used to play games, wearing at Halloween day, at home and others use.

Here are some options for you to check out:


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1. Atom Cat Power Armor Hemet

This Atom Cat Power fallout helmet provides damage resistance and also energy resistance.

The atom cat power helmet takes up to your characters head and eyes owing to the small visitor that obscures the top of the user’s eyes.

It comes in sturdy, regular and heavy variants and each successive tier is much more substantial and stronger.

It has less ballistic resistance, but it has more energy resistance.

The large and sturdy options are stronger than the combat armor variants, but it weighs slightly more.

With this, the field variant is hard to obtain therefore you can only kill them by securing atom cat power.

The standard atom cat power helmet can be purchased from stores in the institute.

The atom cat power armor doesn’t show the players character since its only part is in the same wrist as the pro boy. 

Unequipping the pit boy comes with console commands, then equipping the left arm also shows the same wrist armor that appears for the right wing.

The Atom cat power armor fallout helmet that is sourced from within the institute has a newer and a cleaner finish different to the weathered appearance of atom cat power armor that is sourced from above the ground.

Clean versions may also be obtained from outpost defense.

This unique atom cat power is part of the three characters models, equipping new armor to the role will just lay it over the unique helmet.

The black does not appear in the character's inventory regardless of the acquisition techniques.

The misc MD slot is always at the bottom of the list, but it disappears when the misc mode is added to the armor.

It means that if one has leaded atom cat power right arm, it's going to be difficult for you to make it into a natural atom cat power right arm.


  • Good protection and defense
  • Stronger variants


  • The black cannot appear in an inventory of a character

2. Xcoser Veteran Ranger Helmet 

Xcoser veteran ranger helmet is a durable mask made of soft resin, hard version and can be a collection.

The helmet has four separate pieces which include the tube, back of the helmet, the front of the mask, top of the helmet, and the machine.

Back of the helmet is made of EVA foam and the inside is coated with resin, and the outside sealed and sprayed with gunmetal.

The back of the helmet also has ear ventilation attached with the screen on the inside and computer port fan on the outside.

There is a non-functional switch on the side of the back helmet for aesthetics, and on the other hand, it has a communication antenna which can be attached through a retractable string (protectable cord) or two neo magnets right on the inside of the antenna and attaches to the helmet.

The protectable cord is a cool feature because it can be pulled out and retract back quickly.

Its weakness of the retractable string is that it is glued on the inside and the cord is thin so that one can be worried about its resistance to breaking.

The other advantage is even if the string breaks, the two magnets can be used to attach the communication antenna to the back of the helmet.

Its front mask is also made of EVA foam, and it is distressed in several areas which gives it a unique weathered look.

The scuffing of the mask makes itmask look more real and artistic. Its front mask also has a ventilation opening on the front side which helps in breathing. 

The eyes of the cover have reflective lenses which help to see an outsider, but the outsider cannot see through the eyes of the mask.

The side of the front mask has a gas mask insert made of solid plastic and can be separated from the mask.

In overall, the from cover is durable and cannot easily break. The front mask also has neo magnets which help to attach to the back of the helmet.

Its top part of the helmet has two switches of the white light and the red light.
The white LED light it is super bright and magnified.

Inside the top helmet has wiring for the sun and a magnet that magnetize the nine-volt batteries helping them stick to the magnet. 

The tube connects to the front of the attraction. The other feature of the helmet is that it has a fan that can be attached to help in ventilation.

In general, the Xcoser veteran ranger helmet is the best cosplay mask for Halloween and comes with the size about 20-23 inch, suitable for adults and teenagers.

Xcoser is the famous brand for costumes and accessories, and it is matched with the NCR Ranger combat armor.

3. Elite Riot Helmet 

The elite riot helmet from fallout new Vegas expansion pack or lonesome road is very similar to Xcoser veteran ranger helmet because it was built based on it in the game.

The riot helmet is a little different; the front ventilation port is extended two times further which makes it more prominent.

This helmet also has two ventilation ports on the side compared to the ranger which has only one.

Scuffing is a little different it has new line details on the mask that spread up onto the helmet.

An elite riot helmet has big head pot butter plate, and on the side of the helmet, it has a line of wire that connects into the hub which has the battery pack that is also located on the outside.

The antenna of the helmet is located at the back of the helmet rather than on the side.

Its front part has a spike rivet which is also in the game model. The airport on the team has been made in such a way that it matches the helmet in the game.

On the back of the helmet has a plate that also appears in the game.

The dish can be customized by writing the name of the player on it which is a beautiful feature for anyone who wants to customize the helmet.

Overall the headgear has three parts that can be taken apart and set back together; this makes it easier to pack the helmet in a box.

Like ranger helmet, elite riot also has neodymium magnets that help to connect the headgear making it extremely strong.

The antenna had the wire cord and magnetized helping it stick and attach to the helmet.

The helmet has a red light on the side near to the battery pocket, but it has no white light like ranger helmet.

Its red lenses in the eyes are virtually the same as the lenses in the Xcoser veteran ranger helmet, but the framing details are slightly different.

One of the advantages of this helmet is that it has three ventilation port on either side of the eye gives more breathing room.

The helmet also is very comfortable to wear, durable and has a nice look.

If a customer wants to customize the helmet, this should be a product to buy, since a customer can order it with their name written on the back of the helmet.

Where to get Fallout helmets 

Many of these helmets can be found in the online gaming stores and some local gaming stores around America.

The ranger helmet can be found in various gaming stores and website.

It is not complicated; a customer can go to the specific site and type in the name of the fallout helmet than choose from the list. 

Some of the site like Amazon a customer can sort by price or customer-supplier.
The most reliable site to buy fallout helmet is Amazon online store.

Xcoser veteran ranger, Elite riot, and T-51 helmet and many more can be found easily.
What kind of fallout helmets should I buy?

Depending on the customer use and the amount they are willing to use to purchase the game. Fallout helmets can be used to play games, on Halloween day, at home or other uses.