🥇8 Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers in 2021

Car rides can be fun especially when you turn on the radio and sing along with the music. It’s different, however, when you’re on a motorcycle.

If you love music, why not buy the eight best motorcycle helmet speakers and listen to sweet music while driving a motorcycle anytime, anywhere.

Choosing the Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers 

Driving a motorcycle and listening to music at the same time can be possible, and it isn’t as hard as you think it will be.

There are several types of helmet speakers that are found in the market today.

All of them are designed to perfectly fit the helmet you use. 

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Also, do you know that there are motorcycle helmet speakers that are designed to not only play music? Some helmet speakers also allow you to make calls with friends and family.

If it’s your first time to purchase your own helmet speakers, it’s probably a great idea to already deck yourself out with the best ones found in your local stores or online.

Investing in a great pair of motorcycle helmet speakers allows you to get your hands on a great pair of comfortable helmet speakers with high sound quality and great features.

It also helps you save a lot of money as some are designed to be long-lasting.

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Things to Consider When Buying Helmet Speakers

Once you’ve finally decided to purchase your own pair of motorcycle helmet speakers, it is a good idea to first familiarize yourself with some of the basics.

There’s a wide array of helmet speakers available in the market today, and it’s up to you to decide which one will perfectly suit your needs.

What are the features that you must look out for when planning to buy helmet speakers?

Sound Quality

The most important feature that you have to watch out when picking motorcycle helmet speakers is its sound quality.

The best pairs are the ones that provide a clear, clean-cut audio.

When purchasing a pair of helmet speakers at stores, be sure to test them out to check the sound quality.

Choose one that sounds clean and cancels out background noise. Speakers with high-volume capabilities are also useful.

The benefit of having helmet speakers with these qualities is that you’ll be able to hear the other end of the line while you’re making calls or listen to music clearly in the middle of a busy highway.

When purchasing online, you can read reviews of the product as you won’t be able to conduct a test-run on it.

You can also ask friends who may have a similar model about their personal experience in using the product.

Forms of Helmet Speakers

Another feature that you have to consider when purchasing helmet speakers is the form it has.

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There are two forms available in the market. These are freestanding and built-in or attached speakers.

Freestanding helmet speakers are the ones that could be worn outside of the helmet.

These are not, however, similar to the headsets you normally use at home. 

They are specially designed to fit comfortably when wearing a motorcycle helmet.

On the other hand, the attached speakers, by the name itself, are built inside the motorcycle helmet. Thus, they cannot be worn outside the helmet in contrast to the freestanding ones.

These speakers are formed like on-ear headphones and are placed at an angle wherein they fall above your ears.

They are then connected to a device via cable or Bluetooth connection.

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Motorcycle helmets are usually exposed to different weather conditions such as heavy rain or extreme heat, thus it is important to find helmet speakers that could also withstand such conditions.


Many factors go into play when assessing helmet speakers in this criterion.

How do you know which one is safe or not? Remember this, it is essential that you choose a pair of helmet speakers that will not distract you from driving.

Some headsets are wired and some that are not. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type?

The pros and cons of using wireless speakers are that they can increase safety while driving but oftentimes fail to connect.

On the other hand, wired headsets are prone to tangling and isolation breaking.


It is also important to find helmet speakers that you can wear comfortably for long periods of time.

Some good helmet speakers are designed to slide in perfectly the motorcycle helmet’s ear pads.

Another thing to consider, in terms of comfort, is the convenience of the controls.

People who wear gloves while driving may find it difficult to press on buttons and control volume on the wires.

To fix this issue, voice controlled wireless speakers can be used.


Looking at the price is always a must when purchasing a product. It’s important to be a smart buyer.

Thus, make sure that the pair of helmet speakers that you are opting to buy is within your given budget. Most importantly, it should be able to live up to its market value.

The best ways to evaluate motorcycle helmet speakers brand are to read customer reviews, review the speakers’ manual, and ask the shop assistant.

The 8 Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

Now that you are well-equipped with the basics of how to choose motorcycle helmet speakers, you can determine which pair will perfectly suit your needs when you are on the road.

Below is a list of the best motorcycle helmet speakers in the market today.

1. Sena SMH10-10 

The Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset and Intercom is a helmet speaker that allows you to exchange music and communicate with other companions over long ranges, measuring up to 900 meters or 980 yards.

With that capacity and with the help of Bluetooth 3.0, you can enjoy great speed dialing functions and talk to your fellow commuters. 

The helmet speaker also uses the Universal Intercom Protocol which enables you to have intercom conversations with friends or other riders that are using another brand. 

With the SMH10-10, you can also do hands-free calls on your Bluetooth mobile device, enjoy listening to music or audio directions from your GPS.

It also offers great audio quality for every sound direction. It’s convenient in terms of access and button operations making it safe for people with motorcycles. 

Another great feature of this helmet speaker is its individual adjustable volume profiles.

You’ll be able to increase or decrease its volume with ease using the Jog Dial.

The device has a talk time capacity up to 12 hours and a 10-day stand-by time with a single charge.

It will also fit into different types of helmets. It comes with a standard clamp. The installation is quick and simple to do.

So, you don’t need help from a professional; you just have to read the manual.


  • 2-year warranty
  • Easy to use with the Jog Dial
  • Good sound quality
  • Battery lasts long as advertised
  • Easy installation
  • Comfortable to use
  • Cancels out noise


  • speakers could be improved
  • Sensitive to wind noise

2. iASUS XSound 3 

The iASUS XSound3, a high-definition helmet speaker, is one of the high-quality helmet speakers that’s currently available in the market.

Their audio drivers produce the fullest and clearest sounds and are a big competitor amongst other high-quality brands of helmet speakers.

The devices by iASUS are made of top class frameworks of aluminium which helps obtain a clean sleek and light-weight design.

The XSound3 has a thin design which makes it easy to mount inside any helmet.

It also has foam pads to ensure maximum comfort and to help eliminate degradation in the audio quality.

The device can be used on iASUS mobile amplifiers, transportable music, and digital media players but has a possibility of not being compatible with Scala Rider G9X or Sena SMH10R.


  • Great sound quality at full speed.
  • High-quality bass and clarity.
  • Very light and convenient.
  • Quick and easy installation.


  • Incorrect instalment and excessive volume may cause permanent damage to speakers.
  • Compatibility issues.

3. Low Profile Sena SMH10R 

The SMH10R is a great helmet speaker due to its slim, light and easy design. It is comprised of high-quality performance features.

With this device, riders can do hands-free phone calls, listen to GPS instructions, enjoy music, and participate in group intercom conversations through the Bluetooth headset.

Low Profile Sena SMH10R helps increase safety and provides convenience when driving as it is designed to be ultra slim and light.

With it, people can also have group intercom conversations for four people or take a call wherein everyone can participate. You can also exchange playlists within the same group.

You can experience great sound quality with this device as it offers clear sounds and noise-reduction at ranges of about 900 meters.

There are also other helpful options such as an added volume, reduced noise, and voice prompts.  

You get to hear the other end of the line with the audio boost and experience a reduction in background noise during calls.

It has also Bluetooth control features for playbacks such as pause, forward, and backward with each sound device having its own adjustment options.

It is compatible with other communications systems for Bluetooth thanks to the Sena’s Universal Intercom.  Lastly, it’s upgradeable.


  • Light and easy design
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Good sound quality
  • Easy to install
  • Has a flexible boom microphone


  • Sensitive to wind noise
  • Speakers aren’t attached to securely
  • Confusing button controls. Thus, voice control is recommended

4. UCLEAR Digital Pulse 

Enhance your motorcycle sound experience using the Pulse helmet speakers.

The device can fit into an extensive list of helmet communication systems and gadgets equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack and 40 mm diameter driver.

It also gives you a great HD sound experience with its clear sound and top-notch bass.

The design of this helmet speaker allows you to change helmets without tools.

Thus, you can swiftly change your motorcyle and still be able to listen to music and stay connected with friends and family.

It also includes a speaker set and installation mount set.


  • Great bass projection
  • Crisp sound quality
  • Easy installation
  • Doesn’t need batteries


  • Problems when set at high volume
  • Wires are a slightly bothersome

5. IDEAPRO Waterproof V6 

The V6 Headset offers a wide range of intercom coverage, up to 1200 meters, and contains Bluetooth interphone kits for motorcycles.

Six riders may be able to participate in the intercom conversations at the same time.

It also has a VOX feature wherein the controls are controlled by voice command,  thus making it safe to use.

It offers high-power stereo HD sounds to make your sound experience more fun and of high-quality.

It is also designed as water proof and windproof, making these helmet speakers perfect for any type of weather.

The Bluetooth technology also you up to 12 hours of talk time and 300 hours of standby.

The software used in this device can be upgraded. It  contains an audio navigation feature for its GPS.

You can also make clear-quality calls with its wind noise DSP cancellation.

Lastly, it works with any Bluetooth-equipped mobile phones and audio devices.


  • Waterproof
  • Very easy to sync
  • Good sound quality
  • High connectivity range
  • Long-lasting batteries


  • Some issues with sound performance
  • Issues with the phone calling set-up

6. Heneng Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset

One of the most popular and top-rated Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet speakers that are available in the market today.

This brand makes use of a Bluetooth two-way intercom. This feature allows you to easily be connected to your riding friend when in a conversation.

Another feature of this product is the noise reduction technology that provides the best sound quality for both incoming and outgoing sound.

Hence, you can use this for both listening to music and taking calls while on the ride.