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When starting out your journey of finding The Best Motorcycle Helmet for yourself, you come across so many options that you can't decide on one. Beginners usually find themselves in this situation and can't figure out which one to buy.

For this reason, it is important to know who are the big players in the business of motorcycle helmets. There are top brands out there that dominate the market based on popularity. Even though there are a lot of brands out there, only a few supply quality products that are worth the buy.

In this article we will show you The Top 7 Best Motorcycle Helmets you should know about.

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How did we come up with these brands - Best Motorcycle Helmets in 2022 | Best Motorcycle Helmet Reviews?

It was pretty simple ! To define the best motorcycle helmets, we analyzed the best sellers and most popular helmets under each brand + No. of satisfied customers under each. We've not listed the brands in an order - All of the 7 brands are outstanding.

We Absolutely love these brands for the hard work they put in to make riding safe and fun - The Best Motorcycle Helmet.

Check out the comparison table below - (#1 Helmet In Each Brand)

Before you read all the in-depth reviews of the top rated brands, you might want to check out the best selling helmet under each brand

🥇(Top 7) Best Motorcycle Helmets in 2022 on Amazon

1. Shoei Helmets 

4. Arai Helmets

Shoei Helmets

5. Nolan Helmets

5. Nolan Helmets

Shoei Helmets

6. Shark Helmets

6. Shark Helmets

We made sure to keep this post as to-the-point as possible because finding a helmet isn't really exciting for most people.

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Check them out below:

1. Shoei Helmets

Shoei is a Japanese company established in 1959 in Tokyo.  These guys make High-End Premium Built Helmets. They are the innovators in the sector.

The very first carbon fiber helmet was made by Shoei in 1976. They were also the first one to place kevlar in their helmet's construction.

( Don't worry Kevlar is just a fancy term. It is a High-strength material which is used in helmets )

Shoei isn't a very large company and is fairly small. But they make some really high quality helmets and have loyal motorcycle fan base all over the world.

shoei logo

Shoei makes sure their customer never get disappointed. They are like 'Apple' in the smartphone industry ( You get the idea!). It goes without saying that the helmets they manufacture are really safe and comfortable.

One of the best thing about Shoei is the fact that they provide a 5-year warranty with almost all of their purchase.

What we like:

  • Its helmets are beneficial in the reduction of noise.
  • Even when riding at high speed, you do not need to wear earplugs because its helmet is secured.
  • The helmets of Shoei come with a 360-degree pivot locking system that perfectly meets road standards.
  • Helmets are designed with internal sun visor. Very much needed for riders to protect them from the blazing heat of the sun.
  • The products come in a wide range of colors and shell sizes to choose from.

Things to consider:

  • Compared to its competitors, Shoei helmets are quite expensive, so it may not be suitable for riders who have some budget constraint.
  • The masks are not designed with any vent for guarding the chin.

Few of the reasons why HJC is really popular is it provides Comfortable, High Quality, Stylish & Affordable Helmets to the buyers.

hjc helmets logo

What makes HJC popular is the fact that it provides wide selection helmets from mid range to high end.

HJC has state of the art wind tunnel testing laboratory to test features such as ventilation, noise, aerodynamics & Various other features.  

They Are constantly improving their technology and testing methods to make riding more safe.

What we like:

  • The HJC helmets are more affordable as compared to other brands.
  • The products are designed with different colors and sizes.
  • Designed to be comfortable enough for any and all head shapes.
  • Equipped with highly functional earplugs that are effecting in reducing the unwanted noise.

Things to consider:

  • The helmets come with an essential rear exhaust vent which could be more improved to be capable enough.

3. Bell Helmets

Bell Helmets are manufactured by bell motors who are experts in what they do. These guys are the innovators - The very first Full face helmets was designed by the bell in 1971!

The helmets are not only stylish but are highly functional as well.

The make all types of helmets and many of these are worn by top motocross racers like Josh herrin & James stewart.

bell helmets logo

Bell makes the full face, half, 3/4, snowmobile and various other types of helmets.

What fascinates me is the detail they put into the helmet design. Beautifully designed and extremely comfortable on the head.

In addition, bell helmets offer very nice ventilation system and easy on the head as they make helmets that are really lightweight.

Plus, the quick release shield is something that really stands out from the pack.

Bell not only makes motorcycle helmets but also bicycle helmets which are really popular and safe.

The Rough Helmet made by bell is one of the most popular half helmet helmets you can get. This is one badass helmet!

What we like:

  • With Bell helmets, bike riders can wear the helmets for off-road tracks an everyday ride.
  • The brand offers a warranty in all its products.
  • Most of its helmets are certified by DOT and SNELL.
  • Products are available in different designs that suit all riding and style types.
  • The company makes special helmets that are dedicated to women.

Things to consider:

  • Some of the products do not have padding (or some may be a little cheap).
  • Some rides have commented on the stitching and seams which are not perfect and can lead to discomfort.
  • Bell helmets are quite heavy which may not be comfortable for riders who are not used to this weight.

4. Arai Helmets

Arai is a really old company that started in 1926.

Like Shoei, Arai is also a Japanese company that manufactures some of the best motorcycle helmets around the globe.

The Cool thing about this helmet is that all the Arai helmets are hand built.

These are also tested at every stage of production.

Each and every helmet is tested separately one after the shell of the helmet is made, one after the helmet is painted & lastly after assembly.

arai logo helmets

Arai, like all the above helmets, makes some of the most helmets out there. 

All the helmets meet or exceeds the Snell Memorial Foundation safety Ratings.

The helmets are really comfortable and all have a really nice ventilation system. 

Several prominent MotoGP racers use Arai including Dani Pedrosa & Nicky Hayden.

What we like:

  • Helmets from this brand are designed with cutting wind noise, maximizing comfort.
  • The products are lightweight and comfortable, so they are easy to carry and use.
  • Designed with chin wind deflector that cuts off the wind perfectly. This particular feature may not be present in other brands.
  • ARAI helmets make use of high-quality materials.

Things to consider:

  • Products under this brand could be costly, hence not everyone can afford to buy them.

Nolan makes some of the safest helmets that meet or exceeds DOT helmet, Standard.

Also, the looks and feel of a Nolan helmets are also premium and all that in a reasonable price range.

All Nolan helmets are covered by a five-year warranty & all Tom communications products are covered with  two-years limited warranty. 

Nolan also manufactures everything in-house.

nolan logo

Motorcycle racers Marco Melandri & Casey Stoner have used the helmets in their careers.

Other important motorcycle racers like Ricardo.T used Nolan helmets too.

What we like:

  • Its leading edge compared to other brands is its flexibility. Their helmets can be made full face helmet to an open face helmet or off-road style helmet.
  • The Noland helmets make use of an advanced Pinlock shield. This feature provides better and broader visibility.
  • Their helmets are highly modular.
  • Can be used during any season.
  • The addition and removal of parts are easy.

Things to consider:

  • Nolan helmets are only limited to clear face shield. Other brands offer both transparent and smoked face shields.
  • Their helmets come with a dedicated pair of ear covers for noise reduction. This may cause hassle and safety issues to riders because if one has to remove it, then the rider has to remove the entire lining.

The company is best known for the technology and design. They offer helmets that meet all the needs of motorcyclists.

The company was founded by professional racers and that too is evident for the effort and emphases that shark puts on safety and performance.

Shark helmets logo

Shark markets around 350,000 helmets each year and there is a sales network of 5,000 outlets throughout the world!

These are some of the racers that established the company: 

  • Olivier Jacque
  • Raymond Roche
  • Randy de Puniet
  • Carl Fogarty
  • Scott Reading
  • Olivier Panis
  • Cyril Despres
  • Troy Corser
  • Pol Espargaro

The brand offers a 5 years warranty with most helmets.

One of our favorite badass helmets is the Shark Raw, which you can check using the link below.

What we like:

  • Shark helmets offer each user leading-edge protection.
  • The brand has paid a great deal of attention to the aerodynamics.
  • Designed with a quick-release visor which allows each rider to whip off the visor to clean or change it quickly.
  • No need to use any tool for cleaning. Simply open the visor, push a button or lever, and the visor will pull away.

Things to consider:

  • Compared to other brands, their helmets could be quite expensive.
  • Some users commented that the foam gasket on the goggles seem cheap.
  • Cheek pads are loose.

The brand is most notably associated with motorcycle World Champions Giacomo Agostini & Valentino Rossi - Both have used AGV helmets throughout their career.

AGV is considered to be a pioneer in the motorcycle helmet world. They make Premium Quality Helmets that are affordable as well.

AGV logo

AGV helmets meet the DOT safety standard certification throughout their US line.

Plus most AGV helmets carry the ECE safety certification which is a European standard.

What we like:

  • Products offered by this brand is reasonably priced.
  • Designed with excellent face shield protection.
  • Excellent in terms of noise reduction.
  • Equipped with excellent ventilation, providing maximum comfort to riders.

Things to consider:

  • Designs (in terms of colors and graphics) are limited.
  • Could improve and use thicker neck roll.
  • Its chin curtains are quite loose.

Final Thoughts 

Now, you know how to choose The Best Motorcycle Helmet for yourself knowing which are the top brands in the motorcycle helmets world will come a long way in helping you know which helmets you should go ahead and buy for yourself. Many products out there can show you an appealing option, but that doesn't mean they are of good quality. You need to be sure that you are picking a DOT approved helmet and also one that will last a long time while protecting your from injuries. Top brands in the market are as close as it gets in guaranteeing these things to you.

Finding The Best Motorcycle Helmets will be much easier now that you know the top helmet manufacturers out there and now it is up to you to find the one that will suit your purpose. You may also look for more details about Bluetooth helmet for your own purpose.

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