Best Motorcycle Helmets and Brands [Ultimate Buyer’s Guide]

Wearing a motorcycle helmet while on the road is unquestionably of utmost importance.

Other than getting protected from head injuries, you are also abiding by the law when using one. 

Apart from understanding its importance, one also has to know how to choose from the heaps of options.

Update 2018: The best motorcycle helmet for most people is the Shoei RF-1200. It is simply the best motorcycle gear that would last years to come and help you stay safe on the road.

The Shoei RF-1200 offers lighter yet stronger shell design, Dual density EPS liner and one of the best-built quality in helmet category.

If the Shoei helmet is unavailable or out of stock, the Vega X888 and HJC CL 17 are our runner-ups. These helmets get an excellent rating overall and are much affordable helmets but do lack the premium feel.

However, the helmet meets the US DOT standard and is one of the best budget pick.

Use this post as your ultimate cheat sheet to find the best motorcycle helmets and helmets brands out there.

Importance of Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets are increasingly becoming popular not because they are a fad among riders but mainly because people have realized their importance.

Thus, most countries, if not all, have included the use of helmets as part of the law for road security and management.

If you are not yet convinced, here are a few reasons that should compel you to consider the usage of helmets.

Motorcycle helmets can save your life.

Road accidents attributed to vehicle crashes increase day by day. This problem is now evident on a global scale.

When motorcycle collisions take place, the body part which has to receive the most protection is the head.

The head, as we all know, is most sensitive to injuries. A head injury could result in a disability, or worse, to death.

With a motorcycle helmet on, you can avoid major head injuries that may claim your life.

It is especially helpful when journeying to accident-prone areas like busy highways or streets.

Take other precautionary measures to avoid road accidents, but do not forget the most important one – wearing a helmet.

Wearing a motorcycle helmet protect you from many disabling head injuries.

There may be fewer cases of death on the road involving motorcycles than there are for serious head injuries.

Nevertheless, collisions can definitely cause enough harm to cause suffering.

Certainly, you do not want to undergo surgery, medication, physical therapy and other issues that come with hospitalization.  

Using a motorcycle helmet means you are abiding by the law.

It’s sad to see motorcycle drivers navigating roads without any helmet on. It’s either that they don’t value their own lives or they just think they can get away with the law.

Remember that once caught, you may not only have to pay a fine but also face other serious repercussions.

You may be able to avoid accidents but not from traffic law enforcers.

Helmets give you psychological confidence.

Riders who always use a helmet agree with the confidence it gives them when riding.

Knowing that their head is protected, they can focus more on driving and arrive at their destinations safely.

This psychological confidence does not only stay in the mind but is also reflected in the act of driving.

Wearing a helmet gives comfort.

When the wind is strong or the rain is heavy, it is hard for motorcycle drivers to concentrate as they cannot clearly see what’s ahead of them.

Having a helmet to cover your eyes and the other parts of your head greatly aids in this situation.

In addition, there are those people who are allergic to dust or other pollutants in the air. This is especially true if one has to drive for longer distances.

To prevent such condition from worsening, a helmet will be more than sufficient.

Harmful external elements are kept out, plus you get the protection that you need.

Types of Motorcycle Helmets

There are several types of motorcycle helmets. They vary in the type of protection and the comfort they offer, but all are made with specific functionalities.

Below are the most common types available on the market today.

Full-face Motorcycle Helmets

As what its name suggests, a full-face motorcycle helmet covers the entire face and the entire head section.

It has a visor, a transparent plastic face-shield, a rear cover, and a protective cover over the chin.

Because of its full head coverage, this type of helmet is said to offer the most protection.

While a full-face motorcycle helmet is valued for its protectiveness, other riders dislike it for its lack of ventilation and reduced ability to hear.

Open-faceMotorcycle Helmets

Otherwise known as a ¾ helmet, an open-face helmet offers the same protection as a full-face helmet except for the lower chin cover.

The helmet covers the back of the head, face, ears, and cheeks, and may have an attachable visor. This helmet combines both protection and comfort.

Despite being more comfortable than its full-face counterpart, open-face helmets offer less protection.

This is why some countries require wearing sunglasses or googles as a supplement.

Modular Motorcycle Helmets

A modular helmet is a hybrid of full-face and open-face helmets. It offers almost as much protection as a full-face helmet but with the comfort of an open-face helmet.

This is made possible through its flip mechanism that lifts the chin-guard and visor, thereby exposing the whole face.

Wearing this helmet would allow a rider to eat or chat without removing it. Riders can also wear glasses comfortably while wearing this type of helmet.

However, the flip mechanism may also increase the possibility of neck injury in a crash.

Additionally, flipping the visor and chin bar up increases wind drag. Despite these, modular helmets are some of the most trusted ones.

Half Helmets

A half helmet offers a minimum coverage of protection to riders. It covers the top of the head and the ears but is open in other areas of the head.

For eye protection, goggles should also be used with it.

This helmet is not suggested for long and dangerous rides. In fact, some places prohibit the use of a half-helmet.

Motocross Helmets

Motocross helmets are named such for the obvious reason. It is specially designed for off-road dirt bike or ATV riding.

To be appropriate for such activities, the helmet covers the entire head but is partially open in the face area.

Riders use goggles for extra protection while enjoying the unhindered flow of air.

The modern design of motocross helmets includes an angular chin bar. This is for added protection from any flying object or debris.

The visor functions similarly with the added purpose of sun-protection.

With the right fit and goggles, motocross helmets could give a similar level of protection as full-face helmets only that they are more lightweight and angular.

Dual-Sport Helmets

Another hybrid helmet is the dual-sport helmet. It is a combination of both full-face and motocross helmets.

It offers excellent ventilation but provides more warmth than a motocross helmet. Similarly, it is soundproofed but not as much a full-face helmet.

When the visor in a dual-sport helmet is lifted up, it is able to resist drag which is helpful when on the road.

You can also use a goggle instead of the visor for off-road driving.

A dual-sport helmet is aerodynamically designed, but it retains an adequate amount of protection for both on-road and off-road driving.

Carbon-Fiber Motorcycle Helmets

A carbon-fiber helmet is classified according to the material used in construction rather than a specific design.

With this said, the helmet may come in the form of a full-face, open-face, or half-face helmet with sufficient cushioning for comfort.

A carbon-fiber helmet is loved for its lightweight make and durability. It is a trusted crash helmet since a carbon fiber is strong and very resistant to flexing.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

Check out the comparison table below - (#1 Helmet In Each Brand)

Before you read all the in-depth reviews of the top rated brands, you might want to check out the best selling helmet under each brand.

We made sure to keep this post as to-the-point as possible because finding a helmet isn't really exciting for most people.

How did we come up with these brands ?

It was pretty simple!

We analyzed the best sellers and most popular helmets under each brand + No. of satisfied customers under each.

We've not listed the brands in an order - All of the 7 brands are outstanding.

We Absolutely love these brands for the hard work they put in to make riding safe and fun.

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Check them out below:

1. Shoei Helmets

Shoei is a Japanese company established in 1959 in Tokyo.  These guys make High-End Premium Built Helmets.

They are the innovators in the sector.

The very first carbon fiber helmet was made by Shoei in 1976. They were also the first one to place kevlar in their helmet's construction.

( Don't worry Kevlar is just a fancy term. It is a High-strength material which is used in helmets )

Shoei isn't a very large company and is fairly small. But they make some really high quality helmets and have loyal motorcycle fan base all over the world.

Shoei makes sure their customer never get disappointed. They are like 'Apple' in the smartphone industry ( You get the idea!)

It goes without saying that the helmets they manufacture are really safe and comfortable.

One of the best thing about Shoei is the fact that they provide a 5-year warranty with almost all of their purchase.

Check Out Some of the Best SHOEI Helmets Out there & Ones that are on Discounts

2. HJC Helmets

HJC has been in business since 1971 and has been exclusively manufacturing helmets only.

It has been #1 brand in North American since 1992 and is extremely popular in many Countries.

Few of the reasons why HJC is really popular is it provides Comfortable, High Quality, Stylish & Affordable Helmets to the buyers.

What makes HJC popular is the fact that it provides wide selection helmets from mid range to high end.

HJC has state of the art wind tunnel testing laboratory to test features such as ventilation, noise, aerodynamics & Various other features.  

They Are constantly improving their technology and testing methods to make riding more safe.

3. Bell Helmets

Bell Helmets are manufactured by bell motors who are experts in what they do. These guys are the innovators - The very first Full face helmets was designed by the bell in 1971!

The helmets are not only stylish but are highly functional as well.

The make all types of helmets and many of these are worn by top motocross racers like Josh herrin & James stewart.

Bell makes the full face, half, 3/4, snowmobile and various other types of helmets.

What fascinates me is the detail they put into the helmet design. Beautifully designed and extremely comfortable on the head.

In addition, bell helmets offer very nice ventilation system and easy on the head as they make helmets that are really lightweight.

Plus, the quick release shield is something that really stands out from the pack.

Bell not only makes motorcycle helmets but also bicycle helmets which are really popular and safe.

The Rough Helmet made by bell is one of the most popular half helmet helmets you can get. This is one badass helmet!

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4. Arai Helmets

Arai is a really old company that started in 1926.

Like Shoei, Arai is also a Japanese company that manufactures some of the best motorcycle helmets around the globe.

The Cool thing about this helmet is that all the Arai helmets are hand built.

These are also tested at every stage of production.

Each and every helmet is tested separately one after the shell of the helmet is made, one after the helmet is painted & lastly after assembly.

Arai, like all the above helmets, makes some of the most helmets out there. 

All the helmets meet or exceeds the Snell Memorial Foundation safety Ratings.

The helmets are really comfortable and all have a really nice ventilation system. 

Several prominent MotoGP racers use Arai including Dani Pedrosa & Nicky Hayden.

5. Nolan Helmets

Nolan is another awesome helmet manufacturer that originated in Italy. The Company established in 1973.

Nolan makes some of the safest helmets that meet or exceeds DOT helmet, Standard.

Also, the looks and feel of a Nolan helmets are also premium and all that in a reasonable price range.

All Nolan helmets are covered by a five-year warranty & all Tom communications products are covered with  two-years limited warranty. 

Nolan also manufactures everything in-house.

Motorcycle racers Marco Melandri & Casey Stoner have used the helmets in their careers.

Other important motorcycle racers like Ricardo.T used Nolan helmets too.

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6. Shark Helmets

SHARK is a leading innovator in helmets and was established founded in 1986 in France.

The company is best known for the technology and design. They offer helmets that meet all the needs of motorcyclists.

The company was founded by professional racers and that too is evident for the effort and emphases that shark puts on safety and performance.

Shark markets around 350,000 helmets each year and there is a sales network of 5,000 outlets throughout the world!

These are some of the racers that established the company: 

  • check
    Olivier Jacque
  • check
    Raymond Roche
  • check
    Randy de Puniet
  • check
    Carl Fogarty
  • check
    Scott Reading
  • check
    Olivier Panis
  • check
    Cyril Despres
  • check
    Troy Corser
  • check
    Pol Espargaro

The brand offers a 5 years warranty with most helmets.

One of our favorite badass helmets is the Shark Raw, which you can check using the link below.

7. AGV Helmets

AGV is a High-Quality Italian brand which was established in 1947 by Gino Amisano.

The brand is most notably associated with motorcycle World Champions Giacomo Agostini & Valentino Rossi - Both have used AGV helmets throughout their career.

AGV is considered to be a pioneer in the motorcycle helmet world. They make Premium Quality Helmets that are affordable as well.

AGV helmets meet the DOT safety standard certification throughout their US line.

Plus most AGV helmets carry the ECE safety certification which is a European standard.

Still, want to check out more brands? You can go to the Customized Store we have created to let you know even more brands.

Choosing the Right Motorcycle Helmet

Now that you know the most common types of motorcycle helmets, it is time to learn how to go about choosing one. There is no one-helmet-fits-all.

There are several factors to consider before shelling out your money on motorcycle helmets.

Purpose of The Helmet

One reason why there are a lot of helmets around is because different riders have different needs.

Identify how often you ride your motorcycle per week.

Also, determine the places where you usually ride and recognize the driving conditions that you may have to face. 

How advanced or basic your helmet will be will depend on the purpose you set it for.

If the helmet is for everyday use, you would want a comfortable one with good aerodynamics and decent resistance to wind noise.

If you are riding with a group, a helmet that allows communication will prove to be more useful.

On the other hand, high-performance helmets with additional features will be best for racing.

Perfect Fit for Head Shape and Size

No one will choose a helmet that is too small for his head, but a helmet that is too big will not protect the head, either.

Additionally, a perfectly-sized helmet for one rider may be too loose or too tight on another. Thus, a right-fitted helmet should be an end goal.

It is best to try the helmet on upon buying in a physical store. When purchasing online, be sure to check the helmet sizes on the description section and custom-fit the helmet to your head size.

The right helmet will be that which fits snugly to your head without putting pressure on it.

Desired Features

Helmets are made of different shell materials (polycarbonate, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and EPS).

They differ in their weight, safety ratings, and outward designs. Decide whether you want a lighter helmet, a heavier one with added features, or one with lower safety rating but is the most comfortable for your ride.

Twenty-first-century helmets have many other features, too.

For instance, some have a chin-pad for cold weather while others come with speakers or other communication devices

If you need any of these, include these in your checklist. However, do not pay more for features you will not need anyway. 

Safety Standards

There are several government and non-profit organizations in different countries around the world that check the safety standards of motorcycle helmets.

Mainly, they examine whether a helmet will actually protect a rider when collisions take place. Additionally, they look at whether the helmet allows enough peripheral vision to the driver.

Every motorcycle rider has to make sure their helmets meet, at the very least, the minimum standards of these organizations (e.g. DOT in the US).

If you don’t see any sticker attached to the helmet, you should immediately move on to another.


Generally, more expensive helmets provide better protection. This is either because these helmets use the best materials or they have a number of other features.

However, remember that you don’t need helmets with an ‘x’ number of features that will not be of any use to you.

Nowadays, it is possible to find reasonably priced helmets with good quality and functionality.

Replacement and Maintenance

By natural wear and tear, the lifespan of a helmet is five years after regular usage.

According to experts, this is the perfect time for you to replace it.

To prolong the life of your helmet, it is also best to avoid oil and sweat from its interior by wearing a scarf or a bandana. 

Hair products that may stick to the lining should also be avoided when used.

Best Motorcycle Helmets Reviewed

Having known the above mentioned information, you should now be able to pick the right helmet for you.

In case you don’t have enough time to browse the market, consider our top choices for the best motorcycle helmets which you can purchase online.

Best Overall Motorcycle Helmets

The best motorcycle helmets should foremost be durable enough to protect drivers against unexpected collisions.

The ventilation system and other additional features that provide comfort are some things to look for.

Despite a good functionality, the products should not be too expensive for common buyers.

HJC CL-17 Full-face Motorcycle Helmet

HJC’s CL-17 helmet brings with it the built-in protection of a full-face motorcycle helmet.

Using the advanced CAD technology, it is made to have an anti-scratch face shield that provides 95% protection from UV rays.

Durability is ensured through its advanced polycarbonate composite shell.

Installing and replacing its face shield is simple and efficient as it requires no tool. The shield also locks in securely and opens with just a touch at the center.

Recognizing the need for proper ventilation while on the road, this helmet provides a full front to back ventilation system that helps flush the humidity out.

It also has an anti-fog system that can be improved using an optional pin lock sold separately.

The fabric used in the cheek pad and liner are all anti-bacterial and interchangeable among all helmet sizes.

You are assured of its security as almost all helmet sizes are DOT and SNELL approved.


  • check
    Made of lightweight polycarbonate composite shell
  • check
    Has an anti-scratch face shield (pin lock ready) and anti-fog systems
  • check
    Tool-less installation and removal of face-shield
  • check
    Advance front to back ventilation system with moisture-wicking interior
  • check
    Effectively blocks UV rays
  • check
    Cheek pads and liner have anti-bacterial fabric and are fully removable
  • check
    Various sizing options (X-small to XXX-large)
  • check
    ​SNELL and DOT certified


  • Sizing chart does not work for others
  • Anti-fog system sold separately

Our Rating

Bell Unisex Full-face Street Helmet

This motorcycle helmet by Bell is certified by DOT, ECE, and AS. This means, the helmet is outstanding in terms of protection and comfort.

It is loved for its lightweight material, quick and simple face-shield installation and replacement, and affordable value.

The product’s face shield is well protected against the sun rays, fog, and scratch. Drivers are comfortable with this on as there is proper ventilation inside.

The interior is also removable and washable. Additionally, the padded collar reduces road and wind noise so drivers are less disturbed.

Some added features are a contoured cheek pad and speaker pockets.

The five-year warranty is another thing that is attractive to buyers. Overall, Bell’s motorcycle helmet is among the best of its kind.


  • check
    Made of lightweight polycarbonate shell construction
  • check
    Tool-free shield replacement
  • check
    Anti-fog, anti-scratch and UV protected shield
  • check
    Wind and road noise are minimized with its padded wind collar
  • check
    Cheek pads are contoured and interior are both removable and washable
  • check
    Added speaker pockets
  • check
    ​DOT, ECE, and AS certified


  • Some customers received broken packages upon arrival

Our Rating

Best Modular Motorcycle Helmets

Modular helmets combine the protection of a full-face helmet and the comfort of an open-face helmet. There are a lot of good ones in the market, but here are two of the best.

1Storm Modular Full-face Motorcycle Helmet

Some people hesitate to purchase a low-cost helmet thinking that it wouldn’t function as expected.

You can rid yourself of this idea when considering 1Storm’s modular motorcycle helmet.

The helmet has an advanced flip-up and dual lens design.

There will be little to no wind drag upon using this as the helmet is made of an aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell.

This quality also makes it both durable and lightweight.

Looking from the outside, one will notice a glossy finish that protects the rider against harmful UV rays.

Inside, the padding of the helmet is removable and washable, so you don’t need to constantly buy replacements. 1Storms modular helmet is approved by DOT.


  • check
    Made of aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell
  • check
    Lightweight and durable
  • check
    Has a glossy UV protection finish
  • check
    Inner lens are smoked but outer shield is clear
  • check
    Padding is removable and washable
  • check
    ​Cost-efficient and DOT approved


  • The size chart does not seem useful for some buyers

Our Rating

YEMA Adult Modular Motorcycle Helmet

One of the best looking modular helmets is produced by YEMA. It has a fashionable design in black color that fits both male and female drivers.

Design aside, the product is a professional grade helmet made of an aerodynamic ABS shell. It has lots of advanced features, too.

The clear sun visor is easy to remove, install, and switch without the need for any tool.

 Its ventilation system allows riders to adjust the intake and exhaust vents to keep them cool and comfortable.

The helmet also comes with removable and washable liner and pads and some extra space for Bluetooth speakers and glasses. This product meets the DOT standards.


  • check
    Professional-grade helmet approved by DOT
  • check
    Fashionable design appropriate for both men and women
  • check
    Aerodynamic ABS shell
  • check
    Adjustable intake and exhaust vents for a more comfortable ride
  • check
    Removable and washable liner and pads
  • check
    Has extra space for sunglasses and Bluetooth devices
  • check
    ​Tool-free visor removal and installation


  • Sizing was not accurate for some customers

Our Rating

Best Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets

Experienced riders know that a helmet with carbon fiber material is among the most crash-resistant.

Despite being lightweight, it is extremely durable and resistant to flexing. Below are some of the best carbon fiber motorcycle helmets.

1Storm Full-Face Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

This full-face carbon fiber helmet from 1Storm thrills drivers for its design and comfortability.

It is of carbon fiber black color that complements your bike regardless of its design and color. There are also size options ranging from small to extra-large.

Because it is made from carbon fiber, the helmet is ultra-lightweight and durable.

This is partly attributable to its aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell as well.

Among its best features is the three-level ventilation control that is positioned in five ventilation channels. The result is a comfortable driving experience.

The helmet comes with heavy cushioning for a more comfortable interior.

Also, the cushioning is removable and washable. The product is a good deal and DOT signs to that!


  • check
    Made of ultra-lightweight thermoplastic alloy shell
  • check
    Durable and aerodynamic
  • check
    Top-notch ventilation control
  • check
    Heavy-cushioning makes a comfortable interior (removable and washable)
  • check
    Great design with glossy UV protection finish
  • check
    ​DOT approved


  • Issues with the tinted shield reported

Our Rating

1Storm Modular Full-Face Carbon Fiber Helmet

Another top product from 1Storm is its modular full-face carbon fiber helmet. Just like all of the manufacturer’s helmet products, this is DOT approved and is known to be reliable to many riders.

As a modular helmet, it has a flip-up design. An attractive feature is the dual lens design where the inner lens is smoked and the outer shield is clear. 

As a carbon fiber helmet, the product is lightweight and extremely durable. The thermoplastic alloy shell gives it an aerodynamic functionality, too.

Just like the other 1Storm helmets, the padding in this product is removable and washable.

Also, the helmet comes in three UV protected finish (fiber, glossy black and glossy white) where one can choose from.


  • check
    Advanced flip-up design
  • check
    Dual-lens design (inner smoked lens and clear outer shield)
  • check
    Lightweight and durable
  • check
    Aerodynamic alloy shell
  • check
    UV protective finishing coat
  • check
    Removable and washable padding
  • check
    ​DOT approved


  • Fitting problems were reported

Our Rating

Best Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Full-face helmets are indisputably the best ones when it comes to protection. Although there is a variety of products to choose from, we have gathered two of the best ones currently available.

GDM Duke Series Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

One of the trusted full-face motorcycle helmets on the market is GDM’s helmet. It does not only meet but also exceeds the helmet safety standards set by DOT.

The helmet’s shell is lightweight as it is made from composite poly-alloy.

Among the best features of this product is the five-point ventilation system which keeps riders cool and comfortable.

At the same time, the cheek pads and liner are both removable and washable.

The best thing probably is the free tinted visor that can be used instead of the clear visor that also comes with the product.


  • check
    Meets or exceeds DOT’s safety standard
  • check
    Aerodynamic shell design
  • check
    Made of lightweight poly-alloy material
  • check
    Removable and washable cheek pads and liner
  • check
    ​Comes with two visors: clear and tinted


  • According to some, the product was not as durable as advertised

Our Rating

LS2 Full Face Helmet with Sunshield

LS2’s full-face motorcycle helmet is a close competition of the best-priced helmets in the market.

Despite its affordability, DOT and ECE approve of its safety standards for drivers on-the-go.

The product comes with a five-year warranty for defects in workmanship and material.

The helmet is made of polycarbonate alloy shell that is lightweight and aerodynamic.

It also comes with two built-in shields that can be retracted with a simple switch flip.

You can assure fresh lining and padding as they are completely removable and washable as well.


  • check
    Built-in double shield system
  • check
    Cheek pads and lining are fully removable and washable
  • check
    Tool-less quick shield release
  • check
    Fits long oval
  • check
    ​DOT and ECE approved


  • There were notable problems with the sizing and fogging

Our Rating

Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Open-face helmets aren’t suggested for long and dangerous rides as they do not offer as much protection as a full-face helmet. But with the right caution, they can still prove to be useful. 

Core Vintage Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

If you are hoping to find a vintage-looking motorcycle helmet, this may be the one for you! This helmet combines the 60s retro look and feel with modern comfort and protection.

It is made of thermoplastic alloy shell which is lightweight and impact-absorbing.

Riders will love the comfortable and breathable interior of the helmet. The flat shield can also be attached with ease.

The helmet is scratch-protected and exceeds the DOT standard.


  • check
    Vintage open-face helmet design
  • check
    Made of thermoplastic alloy shell
  • check
    Comfortable and plush breathable interior
  • check
    Premium automotive paint finish for scratch protection
  • check
    ​Meet and exceeds DOT standard


  • Sizing problems were noted

Our Rating

LS2 Track Solid Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

LS2’s open-face helmet offers riders a wider field of visibility that aids in riding and prevents a claustrophobic feeling.

It has a removable, replaceable, and built-in sunshield which a rider can flip up when not in need.

Although there might already be enough ventilation in an open-face helmet, you can make it even more comfortable for you with its fully adjustable ventilation system.

You can also be assured of the durability of this helmet as it is made from polymer alloy shell that also causes it to be lightweight.

One cannot go wrong with a DOT and ECE approved motorcycle helmet.


  • check
    Wide-field visibility with built-in sun shield that flips up
  • check
    Tool-less shield release for easy replacement
  • check
    Fully-adjustable ventilation
  • check
    Made of lightweight polymer alloy shell
  • check
    ​DOT and ECE approved


  • Sizes are smaller than requested for some verified customers

Our Rating

Best Motorcycle Half Helmet

Half-helmets are prohibited in some cities because of the minimum protection they offer. However, if it ever is allowed in yours, then consider the two best motorcycle half-helmets below.

VCAN Flat Black Half Helmet

Looking for a half-helmet for an exciting yet a comfortable off road experience? Check out VCAN’s solid flat black helmet.

Its thermoplastic resin shell material is approved by DOT for meeting its durability standards.

The product also comes with a removable visor, a double D-ring strap and fit cheek pads.

These features are easily removed, replaced, or washed so you can have a fresher and more presentable helmet each time. Choose from the 5 different sizes and 15 different designs offered.


  • check
    Made of ABS thermoplastic resin shell that is DOT approved
  • check
    Comfortably fit cheek pads that are easily removed and washed
  • check
    Removable visor and Double D-ring strap
  • check
    ​Comes in 5 different sizes and 15 different designs


  • Other purchasers question the product’s design

Our Rating

TORC Spec-Op Half Helmet with Flag Graphic

TORC’s half-helmet is one with a low profile but with durable outer shells. It is so slim that it closely resembles the head profile.

As a sunshade, the helmet comes with a retractable sun visor that is dropped down when used.

In the inner core of the helmet are anti-microbial cheek pads which are removable, washable, and replaceable.

The fabric lasts long so drivers won’t need to replace it often. The helmet is also DOT approved.

If you are concerned of the head sizes, do not be as there are six size fittings for this product.


  • check
    Comes with two outer shells
  • check
    Integrated drop-down sun visor
  • check
    Inner padding and cheek pads are removable and washable (anti-microbial)
  • check
    Various head size fittings
  • check
    ​DOT approved


  • Size warning was posted by some verified customers

Our Rating

Best Motorcycle Helmet for The Money

If you are a little short on budget, look for motorcycle helmets that provide a similar level of durability at an affordable price.

You’ll be surprised at how many they are. Let’s look at two of the most budget-friendly motorcycle helmets.

MMG Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

MMG’s open-face helmet ranks among the most affordable motorcycle helmets currently available in the market.

It is approved to be street legal so you can pretty much use it anywhere with relative caution.

The product is of comfortable inner-padding and removable cheek pads. The flip-up windshield is clear, has a wide vision field, and is guaranteed to be scratch-proof.

This modern helmet is lightweight and aerodynamic in design. Best of all, these features all come at an affordable price.


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    Approved for US safety standards (DOT)
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    Removable and washable cheek pads
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    Comfortable inner padding
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    Anti-scratch windshield with wide-vision field
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    Lightweight with modern aerodynamic design
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    Comes with free care bag
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  • Complaints about the durability of windshield are noted

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ILM Full Face Street Bike Helmet  

If you want full-head protection for your ride but cannot afford to go for the expensive helmets, try ILM’s full-face street bike helmet.

Just like all other helmets on this list, the helmet is DOT approved. Unlike the above mentioned though, this is among the most cost-efficient ones in the market.

A clear and a smoked sun visor come with the product. There is also an added neck scarf in case the ride is destined for snowy or cold places.

The strap in the helmet is easy to release and connect. Finally, the material is durable and is made of lightweight ABS shell so you can guarantee the helmet’s durability.


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    Meets and exceeds DOT safety standards
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    Comes with two sun visors: clear and smoked
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    Added neck scarf for winter use
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    Durable and lightweight ABS shell
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    ​Easy to release strap


  • There are some unsatisfied customers

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Final Thoughts 

Going on or off road requires extreme caution among motorcycle drivers. Not only are there larger vehicles around, handling motorcycles are also trickier to drive and manage than most vehicles.

Since accidents on the road are inevitable, drivers have to make sure that they bring with them the best gears. A motorcycle helmet is undoubtedly a must.

This article has presented the best motorcycle helmets and brands that you can purchase online.

They are tested by safety regulatory boards and tried by many customers. Whichever you pick, be sure to opt for one that can provide the best protection for your ride.

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