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Different Types of Motorcycle Helmets

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Many people like riding a motorcycle because it helps them leave their busy lives behind and go on an exhilarating ride.

In order to experience this repeatedly without getting too worried about safety, motorcycle helmets are created.

There are many different types of motorcycle helmets that provide added protection for the riders.

How to Choose the Perfect Motorcycle Helmet for You

Your main consideration in choosing a motorcycle helmet is safety. You should never lower your standards in selecting one.

Make sure the manufacturer of the helmet follows the strict standards of safety.

For you not to feel overwhelmed with the many types of motorcycle helmet, here are some factors you would want to consider:


How can you know if a helmet can protect your head in case an accident happens? You have to familiarize yourself with these terms: DOT, ECE, and SNELL

DOT is the minimum safety standard that a helmet must have. ECE is close to DOT.

SNELL is a standard that is independent from DOT and ECE, so its standards are somewhat strict.


The exterior part of the helmet should be made from carbon and Kevlar or a combination of any plastic that is lightweight and composite fiber.

For the interior part, it should be made from polystyrene, fabric that wick-dri or EPS since it absorbs well.

If there is a removable liner, it is better. Metal mesh vents are somewhat good quality of vents. You can also purchase a helmet with nylex material that is antibacterial.

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Shield and Visibility

In order to have a safe and fun motorcycle ride, there should be good visibility. However, for this factor, you need to compromise.

There are motorcycle helmets that have a wide eye visor, but your eyes will be more exposed to debris and dirt.

More expensive helmets have anti-fog which is good for riding under harsh weather and in winter.

Some have a tinted shield which you can drop down to protect your eyes against the sun.

Features and Heaviness

The helmet of your choice should not give you a stiff neck. It should properly fit around your head so that it will not cause any pain.

Some helmets have waterproof mic and speakers. Some have controls that are based on your voice.

Wind Movement

A good quality helmet has minimal wind resistance because this will not cause pain from the wind even if it is worn for a long time.

Therefore, you should not opt for helmets that have too much resistance against the wind or else, long rides will not be possible.


You should always make an in-depth research of the manufacturer of the helmet that you want to buy. 

Read the feedbacks from real customers so that you will know if it is a trusted brand or not.

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Types of Motorcycle Helmets

Full Face Helmets

shoei motorcycle helmet

Full face helmets give the best protection. However, if you prefer a helmet that is lightweight, this might not be the helmet for you.

  • Full face helmets protect your head, jaw, and face.
  • Your rides are quieter since this helmet can lessen the sounds of the road which can be deafening.
  • You are protected from harsh weather conditions because this kind of helmet is sealed properly.
  • It provides good visibility on the road due to its clear visor.
  • You will have no problems with head, neck, or shoulder pains because it has minimal wind resistance.
  • It can be a bit heavy since it gives complete protection to your head.

Open Face or Three-Quarter Helmets

open face helmet

Open face helmets can give much protection except on your face. This helmet is for you if you like to feel the wind against your face while you are riding on your motorcycle.

  • Since the entire face is open, these helmets do not give protection to your eyes from various weather conditions. Thus, it is recommended to buy a separate eye protector if you prefer this helmet.
  • Its biggest advantage is its visibility. You can see the entire view of the road without any part of the helmet blocking your eyes.
  • Because the mouth is open, you can communicate more easily.
  • The shields, which can be flipped down, give you some protection from harsh sunlight or flying debris. However, this helmet does not protect you from rain.

Modular Helmets

A modular or hybrid motorcycle helmet is a cross between full face and open face helmets.

  • You can appreciate the features of full face and open face helmets.
  • There is a movable chin bar that can be controlled with a single button. If the chin bar bothers you, pushing the button will slide this bar up to the helmet’s upper portion.
  • This kind of helmet gives more comfort compared to full face helmets that can be a bit more difficult to put on due to their snugness.
  • The face guard feature can be moved up, so it is easier to talk when needed.
  • Because there are a lot of contraptions, these helmets are not lightweight and not sealed.

Half Helmets

silver half helmet

This kind of helmet is more popular for scooter and cruiser riders because it is a skull cap.

  • These helmets are light enough to make you feel like you are not wearing a helmet. In other words, you will not feel pressure around your head, and you can carry it with you without any difficulty. In addition, it is easy to put on.
  • It also provides very good visibility.
  • These helmets virtually do not give any protection because they only protect the upper part of the head. Moreover, they do not keep you safe from different weather elements.
  • Having much wind resistance, you will likely have fatigue and pain due to the wind’s force after wearing a half helmet.

Off-Road Helmets

white dirt bike helmet

An off-road helmet is unique because it has features specially designed for those who like motorcross and racing. If you are into short races, you should consider getting this.

  • An off-road helmet’s visor is long, so it is noticeable. However, you are protected from the UV rays of the sun.
  • The chin protector is also long. Thus, debris and dirt will not get into your face easily.
  • There are no problems with fogginess since there is no face shield. This also means better visibility for you.
  • One special feature of this helmet is its vents. The heat and temperature inside the helmet are regulated due to these special vents.

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Among the many different types of motorcycle helmets, have you chosen the right one for you?

The key to choosing the helmet is to know what features you want your helmet to have. 

Since each helmet has pros and cons, you just have to weigh in which type works for you. Remember that safety is your priority.