5 awesome drag videos you need to watch

A Drag Race is a competition to reach the finish line that usually involves two vehicles going head to head. Drag racing has multiple classes, whereas each class has its peculiar restrictions and requirements.

These include size, weight, body style, modification and other subclasses based on features and engine components. The top drag classes are:

Fuel Dragster (TF/D)

The fastest class in drag racing. It includes the Diggers and Floppers. Floppers are funny cars that come with a shorter base of the wheel and body that contains Carbon-fiber remotely looking like a based automobile production.

These funny cars can run at 3.8 -seconds and even exceed about 315 mph.

Diggers can run at 3.8 seconds and exceed 325 mph speeds. They are 25 feet long and weigh 2320 pounds.

Pro Stock 

This motorcycle resembles production-based cars, and they always maintain their stock appearance, which has stocks that contains the ability of a tore cord for a quarter mile time in 6.4 having 210mph speed.

Pro Stock is popularly known as Factory hot rods, Mountain motors or Door slammers because of its abilities.

Its wheels can move more than 10500rpm and produce a horsepower of 1300, and with the engine, it can only provide at least 5003 inches (8.2L) and displacement that can run in 8203 inches (13.4L) maximum.

Pro Stock Motorcycle of (NHRA and ANDRA)

These are exceptionally modified which have an aptitude to catch speeds of more than195mph in 6.8 seconds.

It features a purpose built tube chassis which has a lightweight and aerodynamically advanced model of original bodywork.

Its engine has restrictions with high power.

On its blowers, the limit is 5273 inches (8.6L), and Nitrous Oxide which has a potential of up to 7403 inches (12.1L).

It has worldwide recognition, and the names vary with places like North America and Australia, it is known as Pro Modified.

Top Alcohol Dragster (TA/D) 

These resemble Top Fuelers which have significant differences. They can pick up to 280mph in 5.1 seconds.

It resembles Top Fuelers having substantial differences. It can also use the methanol-based supercharged burning engine and an injected nitromethane combination as fuel.

They are also known as Top Methanol Dragster in the FIA competition.

Top Alcohol Funny Car (TA/FC) 

This has a three-speed transmission which uses Methanol Fuel in the top Alcohol funny cars, which catch speed up to 265mph in 5.4 seconds.

They can be a replacement of the NHRA’s Pro Stock Bikes which are in the fifth Pro category.

They are also known as Top Methanol funny car for FIA competition with a physical appearance like that of Nitro-Burning funny car counterparts.

Video #1

According to the world greatest Drag race which has a series of dragging race videos uploaded in youtube, the video shows most expensive vehicles and their abilities to run the race and the best vehicles to use in a drag race are:

  • BMW Series M 335 HP 369LB-FT
  • Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca 444HP 380 LB-FT
  • Porsche 911 GT3RS 450 HP 317LB-FT
  • check
    Chevrolet Corvette Z06/Z07 505HP 470LB-FT
  • check
    Ferrari 458 ITALIA 557HP 398LB-FT

Video #2

There here are motorcycles used for drag race and is in the video uploaded that shows the Top Fuel Motorcycle Dirt Dragging Race; this video shows the capacity of the Honda motorcycles on drag race and their evolution:

i.Honda RC213V, its Engine achieve high enough power output to enable the speeds needed for MotoGP and make the unit compact – as small as the 800cc engine that fits on the RC213V frame.

Its Frame: RC213V’s aluminum frame boasts high torsional rigidity, ensuring engine power gets to the ground properly.

ii.Honda CBR1000RRR Bore × Stroke (mm) 76 x 55Emissions132Engine Displacement (cc) 999cc Engine type (cm³) Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 16-valve.

Moreover, the Battery Capacity (VAh) 12V-7AH (Li-ion. It is affordable and can it is available in Matt Ballistic and Black Metallic colors.

Video #2

Another video that displays fantastic drag racing is the Grand theft Auto V Mods (GTA Mods Awesome Drag race) video series that shows the viewers the speed of the cars and motorcycles that they use on the play environment during the dragging races.

It shows the ability of different automobiles and their professional driving on the play.

Video #4

The GTA5 Smuggler Runs DLC best muscle car is a video on drag race which shows the speed of the muscle car during the race; it shows a variety of vehicles brands and how they appear after they a pimped by the best car dealers ready for the race.

Some things are changed and be modified the like the engine.

Video #5

The most recent drag race video uploaded in 2018 is the GTA5 World’s Greatest Drag Race 11 which shows the Top 25 supercars, this video shows the newest and fastest cars, and according to the video, the vehicles modified, so the race is said to be “Mash the throttle” drag race.

There are a lot of cars and motorcycles of a variety of brands that a racer can use in dragging race competition depending on their capacity.

With reference from the uploaded videos of the racers in youtube showing the ability of every automobile, the best cars used for dragging race and the best motorcycles like on the video of the Worlds Greatest Dragging race series, Grand theft Auto V Mods (GTA Mods Awesome Drag race), and the Top Fuel Motorcycles dirt drag racing. Most of the videos are in series.

This race evolves from time to time it started from Supercross, followed by "bar raisers."

Developments as the "big bang" engine that allowed classic, arching styles to stand up against the dirt tracking-derived techniques that had revolutionized the sport and other game changers of the drag race.

The evolution gives the audience the urge to watch more races to see developments of the professional racers like Marc Marques, Dani Pedrosa and the first female racer of the 1940s called Shirley Muldowney.

Wrap Up

Generally, drag race involves a contest of two or more racers who drive speed cars, and it is essential that have to reach the destination and win the race.

The races at all times use an electronic device known as a Christmas Tree to start the race, and the racers have to jolt a timer from the start line to begin racing, and the time comes to a halt automatically when the racers reach their endpoint.

The start to finish time is all known as Elapsed Timing.