1storm Motorcycle Helmet Review 2021

1storm is one of the leading suppliers of motorcycle helmets in Japan. They offer a variety of different styles and designs, all at very affordable prices. Whether you are looking for an open-faced helmet or full-face helmet, 1storm has got you covered with their extensive range of products. 

The article will discuss the benefits offered by these stylish helmets as well as provide some helpful tips on how to find your perfect fit! If you’re interested in reading more about motorcycle helmets then be sure to check out our blog post!

The world of motorcycle helmets and protective headgear is a rather large one. There’s a lot to choose from and many different styles, shapes and sizes available which makes finding the right helmet for you that much more difficult. So how do you decide? Well there are some features that can help point out what would be good for you such as safety ratings, style, padding, vents and each each varies between brands like 1Storm Motorcycle Helmets. Today we’re going to take a look at 1Storm Motorcycle Helmets in order to determine whether they have what it takes…


About 1storm helmet company.

1Storm is a company that found in Japan.It’s designed helmets for both men and women. 1storm has few models, which are 1storm , HURRICANE, V-ICTORIA. We already introduce the product of this company before here .

They use fiberglass or carbon fibers on the inside of the helmet to make light but strong shell. The unique point of their design is using air circulation system instead of ventilation system like other helmets companies do(like AGV). It takes less power because it doesn’t need fans at all to cool riders’ head. And air flows into eye area through tiny holes below the visor; then get out from special vents between cheek pads and top of the shoulder pad.

1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet Review

Many riders often wonder why they should invest in a full-face motorcycle helmet instead of the regular half helmets. Their answer clearly lies in the fact that it is much safer to ride with one due to its better protection and shield from wind and bad weather. Any good 1storm motorcycle helmet will tell you how important this accessory really is for any serious biker out there who wants to keep their head safe and sound.

What makes these protective gears even popular among many customers? The following explains why:

Better Protection – This type of helmet provides total coverage compared to half helmets which only cover half of your face. Aside from this, it also offers better protection to the side and back of your head. Its shield is designed not only for style but to give you maximum protection against wind, rain, dirt, debris, and other harsh elements outside. Damage-Free Hair – Even with its solid overlay protecting half your face from harm, 1storm helmet will tell you that it still leaves enough space underneath for a ponytail or any other kind of hairdo without causing damage to the rear section of your ‘do. This makes them the perfect companion especially if you have long hair. More Stylish—This type’s visor gives a sleek look which adds a level of sophistication to any wearer since it doesn’t cover all their face as most helmets do. It still provides the dark shades, which is perfect during inclement weather, but leaves enough space for any rider to enjoy their ride.

Memory Foam Padding – Most 1storm motorcycle helmet review often praise this brand’s interior design which has special padding with memory foam that offers your head a better fit without feeling too tight or uncomfortable. With its lightweight feature, you can easily wear these helmets for hours and not feel any strain at all. Affordable Price – Compared to ordering custom-made full face helmets, quality 1storm show that these are more affordable since they are readily available in stores and online shops. Since it offers both comfort and safety, there is really no reason not to get one of these models especially if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Pros and cons of buying a 1storm motorcycle helmet

  1. Protection. A motorcycle helmet protects your head from injury in the case of an accident that would otherwise have caused a serious brain injury or even death. Helmets are worn by professional racers, sport bike riders and cruiser riders alike, as well as casual street motorcyclists who just want to go for a ride on their favorite bike on their day off or weekend without having to worry about what might happen if they fall down while riding. Motorcycle helmets are generally made out of ABS plastic which is lightweight yet very strong so it can provide acceptable impact protection for the person wearing it during an accident. ABS is considered the safest type of material since it is resistant to abrasion, cuts, flame and chemicals as well as the sun’s ultraviolet rays.
  2. Protection from falling debris and other hazards on the road such as gravel or rocks kicked up from a car ahead of you. Believe it or not, this is a very real danger on today’s busy highways, especially for motorcycle riders who can’t see what might be just around a big truck in front of them that has an air draft blowing stuff around. A helmet provides protection from being hit by falling objects that could seriously injure you if they strike your unprotected head on the highway at 50 mph or faster. More cruising motorcycles are now equipped with windshields meant to deflect some of these types of problems away from the motorcyclist, but having no protection whatsoever still leaves your head vulnerable to injury. A motorcycle helmet protects you from this type of inadvertent impact.
  3. The “cool” factor. Wearing a 1storm motorcycle helmet shows your peers, the general riding community and casual observers that you are committed to actually wearing one while riding instead of just saying you will because it’s the law in your state for anyone under 21 years old or even all riders in some states like California and others. Riding with no helmet is far more common than one might expect despite its serious dangers, so proudly displaying your dedication to safe riding when you strap on your lid also tells people around you how much respect you have for yourself when operating machinery capable of causing bodily harm when misused or abused in way possible.
  4. The health benefits of wearing helmets. Helmets are great for giving your hairdo a rest from all the helmet-head frizzies that ensue when you take it off, or not having to repeatedly brush out that rat’s nest tangle after you ride. Wearing one also reduces the amount of pollution you breathe in while riding by filtering out fine dust particles and microscopic pollutants that can be inhaled through your nose and mouth which aren’t filtered by normal breath masks, water filters or HEPA air purifiers because they’re too small for those devices to catch without proper filtration media like an activated carbon filter. It is recommended however, if you plan on wearing a helmet for any lengthy length of time to take at least one short break every hour while wearing it to give your head a chance to breathe, on top of making sure the helmet is not too tight or loose-fitting by checking for comfort and airflow each time you put it on.
  5. Looks good while doing it. You look tough when you’re wearing a motorcycle helmet because helmets are synonymous with motorcycles in most people’s minds since they’ve been around for more than 100 years now. Although there were photos found dating back to 1895 of men riding bicycles wearing some form of protective headgear, this was primarily worn only by daredevils who thought nothing of testing out their new invention at seemingly reckless speeds downhill without brakes. This is why today skullcaps are still used during motocross racing, but have evolved to include air vents and other technologies to help keep the rider cool while wearing it.

1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet Flip up Dual Visor Sun Shield: HB89 Glossy Black

The 1Storm motorcycle modular full face helmet is the ultimate in flexibility for riders. This high-tech design combines advanced, modern technology with an analysis of rider needs through research and development to deliver an extremely adaptable helmet that is custom made to accommodate day or nighttime riding. The clear outer shields are easy to remove when you’re switching back and forth between riding during the day and especially when it’s dark out, while the inner smoked visor provides protection from wind, rain, fog, insects…you get the picture. With its impressive dual-visor design which can be easily changed depending on your environment this innovative contraption was built of innovative materials including Kaliks ArmorCore which dramatically increases durability while also providing more strength than other helmets on

Our modular 1Storm Full Face Helmet is designed for those riding bikes. From rough gravel paths to commuter downtown roadway rides, this motorcycle helmet ensures the ultimate protection to your road warrior’s head with an aerodynamic ABS shell and multi-density EPS materials. With a company like ours as your motorcycle protective gear provider, you know that we’ve got you covered whether on or off the bike!

1Storm riders share a mutual bond and love for four wheeled machines that provide comfort, dependability, and confidence on rugged terrain; there’s nothing better than breezing through winding back roads or clearing sharp turns with ease. The company seeks out the very best helmets available to offer riders protection from rocks, stones – even animals coming too close. A helmet quickly becomes one of their most cherished items during rides. It knows when we need comfort and understanding; we trust it because it will be protecting us throughout long periods on two wheels down dusty country roads.

With a removable and washable lining and pads, this sleek helmet will keep you feeling fresh no matter how long your ride is. Take advantage of our great introductory pricing today!

One Storm Motorcycle Modular Helmet Base Layer Replaced every 48 Hours or Weekly

The helmet is the perfect balance of safety and sleek. The quick release buckle easily stays secured to your helmet, but releases conveniently with one hand. With four shell sizes available for an adjustable fit, you won’t have to worry about hair getting stuck inside or any annoying gaps between your forehead and the chin strap. Snugly fitting ear cups keep noise levels down without sacrificing comfort, while deep grooves on the interior offer ventilation when the weather gets hotter outside. Enjoy a tour through all of these features below!

Extreme Protection  – A scratch-resistant outer visor ensures that scratches are less likely to make their way onto this product’s surface

sizing – offers four shaping sizes so you can find just the right


A good 1storm Motorcycle Helmet can be the difference between life and death. For those of us who depend on our bikes for transportation, we know how important it is to find a quality helmet that will keep you safe on your ride. 1storm provides some great helmets with an affordable price tag and high-quality features so you don’t have to sacrifice safety or comfort in order to get what you need. We hope this review has been helpful as you search for the perfect fit!


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