🥇Shoei RF-1200 Motorcycle Helmet Review

When it comes to high quality motorcycle helmets, Shoei is probably the most trusted name. And there’s a good reason why is it so.

Professional racers and even beginner riders can attest to the reliability and overall performance of Shoei helmets.

If you’re looking for a helmet that can give you more than dependable protection, then take time to read this Shoei RF-1200 motorcycle helmet review annd see for yourself if this RF-1200 is the perfect motorcycle helmet for you.

The previous models of the Shoei helmets were impressive on their own. But wait till you see their latest line of premium motorcycle helmets – the RF-1200. Based from the previous RF models, Shoei maintained their trademark technology in their new RF-1200 model while adding some major improvements.

Expect nothing but perfection from Shoei RF-1200 motorcycle helmet as it brings forth the legacy of 59 years of helmet heritage.

Whether you’re a racer or a casual commuter, it is always wise to protect yourself at all times on the road. This impressive helmet allows you to ride with confidence and enjoy the ride without having to worry about anything. And RF-1200 is a good investment that can provide unparalleled performance for the long haul.

It’s a little pricey compared to other brands of motorcycle helmets but you can surely rely on it in every aspect and there’s a valid reason why it is more expensive than other helmets out there.

The foundation of RF-1200 revolves around 3 important things – protection, performance and comfort. The level of protection, next-level performance and pleasing comfort of the RF-1200 are something that you can’t find in other brands.

Let’s start the Shoei RF-1200 motorcycle helmet review by looking at its awesome features.

Shoei RF-1200 Brawn Men's Street Motorcycle Helmet - TC-1 / Medium
  • DOT certified for Safety, meets or exceeds FMVSS-218 and DOT safety standards
  • Wind-tunnel optimized to balance enhanced airflow and silence
  • Large 3-position lower vent shutter for ease of use with riding gloves

Shoei RF-1200 Basics

  • Screen Size: 5” screen
  • Display Type: WVGA Transflective
  • Dimensions: 5.86” x 3.83” x 1.31”
  • plus Durability: Resistant to water, fuel spills, UV rays, and harsh conditions

It’s important to note that the main focus of RF-1200 is safety. Besides, this is the main reason why we’re wearing them in the first place.

The RF-1200 is both Snell and DOT certified. And this means a lot. It means that this helmet has passed all the necessary requirements based on standard lists. How well can a helmet protect you depends on so many factors including the shell structure, aerodynamics, and the outer/inner layers of liner.

Shoei made sure to keep their focus on both technical and aesthetic features of the helmet in order to meet all the necessary parameters.

Its wind tunnel-tested shell provides lightweight, compact and streamline shape to reduce wind pressure, noise and buffeting.

The slim design helps you put and take off the helmet with ease due to its unique accent cut line that conveniently widens the bottom of the helmet.

Due to its lighter structure and slimmer design, you won’t even feel the weight of the helmet on your head. This makes RF-1200 the lightest helmet in the Shoei lineup.

Heavy helmets tend to fatigue your neck and shoulders especially on long trips. This is the reason why RF-1200 is designed to be comfortably lightweight to make longer rides more comfortable.

Plus, the padding cushion pleasantly grips the head just right.

It comes in 4 sizes ranging from extra small (XS) to extra large (XL).

The dual liner is made of 2 layers with different densities to effectively absorb impact and help balance the possible impact that may occur to the rigid shell.

Not only is RF-1200 the safest motorcycle helmet in the market but is also the most comfortable to wear.

Providing Enhanced Protection

The effectiveness of a helmet depends on whether it can protect the rider’s head or not. Shoei guarantees that the RF-1200 shell is designed using the most advanced and sophisticated technology.

The compact shell may be lightweight but it provides total protection to the head.

Furthermore, they incorporated an innovative shell technology called the New Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ to give the shell a unique and more beautiful look.

The shell is made from the combination of 6 layers of organic fibers to keep the rider’s head from any potential injuries in case of accident.

One of the most irritating things about wearing a helmet is getting to hear the whistling noise of the wind.

Shoei has addressed this issue by designing RF-1200 in such a way to minimize wind noise so the rider can only hear the noise from other vehicles around and not the wind.

The cheek pads are fully interchangeable in all sizes.

Plus, its new base plate system allows the rider to change the shield faster than ever before.

The shield is equipped with a stronger spring mechanism to add comfort to the rider. The Quick Release Self-Adjusting technology is loaded with springs that pull the shield back onto the helmet, tightly sealing it against rain and wind.

The spring mechanism also includes 5-stage rotating dial that allows rider to fine tune the base place for easier adjustment.

The top and sides have independent beading to eliminate any excess air and keep the seal tight.

Moreover, RF-1200 incorporates CWR-1 Pinlock features installed on the top and bottom of the shield to keep it from bending, opening, and closing due to wind pressure.

Wide Range of Colors and Graphics

Motorcycle helmets don’t have to look so boring.

You can perk up your ride by flaunting a helmet with a flawless paint and stunning graphics. With RF-1200, you can have both.

Choose from a wide range of solid colors –  black, metallic black, matte black, white, light silver, anthracite, matte deep grey, red, wine, and brilliant yellow.

The lustrous colors along with stylish lines are quite spectacular.

You can also go a bit wild with the graphics by adding cool sticker designs or undergo awesome paint jobs that will suit your taste.

Perfect Airflow and Ventilation

The RF-1200 offers better airflow compared to other motorcycle helmets out there.

It has 3 upper air vent intakes, 4 uniquely installed upper exhaust outlet vents, and a large lower three position vents all working together to let cooling air pass through the tunnels in the EPS liner without any obstruction.

The placement and the shape of the vent are crucial factors that efficiently facilitate good ventilation.

The circular vents can pull sufficient air in as they work alongside the rear vent located at the back of the helmet.

You can slide open the single cover at the port to reveal 2 more vents to help eliminate all of the hot air accumulating inside the helmet.

Moreover, you can also make use of the lower air intake at the chin guard if you needed more ventilation.

Not only do these features provide adequate ventilation and air flow but they also help keep the visor fog-free and keep your face sweat-free while riding.

But just like any other helmets, expect to experience slight fogging during cold days, especially when there’s no sufficient wind to pass through the vents.

Noise-Absorbing Padding

What makes an enjoyable riding experience?

Everyone has their own idea of a perfect and relaxing ride. But one thing is certain, unnecessary noises can ruin a supposedly pleasant ride.

A comfortable and quiet ride is now made possible with RF-1200.

It has improved shield system, innovative interior lining and advanced aerodynamic shape to help minimize noise caused by the wind.

The cheek pads are designed to improve neck motion; this allows the rider to move the head in every direction with ease.

It comes with a fully removable liner that can be easily removed by pulling the red tabs.

Visor System Exceptional Face Protection With Clear Vision

Shoei installed Pinlock-ready CWR-1 shield to provide an expansive field of vision on the part of the rider.

The shield is made to protect the eyes from the harmful UV rays as well as to get rid of fog.

Additionally, the face shield has a thick eye port gasket that can seal out water. This feature allows you to have a safe ride even on rainy days. You can make sure that water won’t leak inside your helmet.

With RF-1200, removing and installing face shield is a breeze. You can easily and quickly switch out a dark smoke visor for a clear visor if you needed to.

This also makes it easier to replace the shield with a new one if you happen to accidentally scratch it.

It comes with a fully removable liner that can be easily removed by pulling the red tabs.

Additional Feature

By adding a thin piece of red nylon to the chin strap, it is now easier to strap your head into the helmet. This may be just another trivial feature but it’s a huge plus if you’re after a helmet’s ease of use.

It also has an emergency pull-out tabs that allow paramedics to remove the helmet from the victim without barely moving the head.

Shoei RF-1200 Variable Men's Street Motorcycle Helmet - TC-5 / Medium
  • DOT certified for Safety, meets or exceeds FMVSS-218 and DOT safety standards
  • Wind-tunnel optimized to balance enhanced airflow and silence
  • Large 3-position lower vent shutter for ease of use with riding gloves

Summing Up the Specs

As a crucial part of this Shoei RF-1200 motorcycle helmet review, let’s sum up its technological features. They are as follow:

  • Light Weight Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ Shell Construction
  • Improved Ventilation System with additional vents
  • AIM+ Technology Construction (Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Multi-Ply)
  • check 3D Max-Dry System II Interior
  • check Snell-M2010 and DOT certified

Of course, Shoei RF-1200 motorcycle helmet review couldn’t be completed without weighing in its pros and cons.


  • Reliable protection
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Comfortable and snug fit
  • check Quieter than other helmets
  • check Sufficient airflow and good ventilation
  • check Secured sealing to prevent water from entering
  • check Fully removable and interchangeable cheek pads
  • check Great range of colors and graphics to choose from
  • check Visor system offers wide field of vision


  • Expensive
  • Limited to only 4 sizes (XS to XL)nm


Most people are skeptical when it comes to buying high-end helmets like the Shoei RF-1200. Is it really wise to spend that much for a helmet?

Sure, you can find other affordable helmets in the market at a lower price. But do they offer the same level of protection and features that the RF-1200 can offer?

If you really think about it, you are putting the fate of your head at the mercy of your helmet. So why would you risk your life by settling for less?

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned from this Shoei RF-1200 motorcycle helmet review, that’s the guarantee that this awesome product is worth your extra money and probably more.

The comfortable fit and aesthetic design are crucial additions to the unmatched reliability of this helmet. And the optimum protection it provides is priceless, if I may say so.