How Do You Carry Camping Gear On A Motorbike?


Importance Of Carrying Camping Gear On A Motorbike

When planning a motorcycle road trip, it is crucial to consider how to carry camping gear on a motorbike. Camping gear allows riders to have comfortable accommodation, save money on accommodations, and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of camping in various locations. Here are some key reasons why carrying camping gear on a motorbike is important:

  • Accommodation: Camping gear provides riders with a place to sleep and rest during their road trip. Instead of depending on expensive hotels or limited accommodations, riders can set up their tents and sleep under the stars, surrounded by nature and beautiful landscapes.
  • Cost-saving: Hotels and hostels can be costly, especially for long-term travel. By carrying camping gear, riders eliminate the need to spend money on accommodations each night. Wild camping is often free, allowing riders to allocate their budget towards other travel expenses like petrol and exploring new destinations.
  • Freedom and flexibility: Having the ability to camp on a motorcycle trip gives riders greater freedom and flexibility. They can ride until they find the perfect spot, without worrying about the next hotel or hostel. Riders can explore remote areas, sleep in secluded spots, and experience the thrill of motorcycle travel in its purest form.

Advantages Of Motorbike Camping

Motorbike camping combines two favorite outdoor passions: motorcycling and camping. It offers unique advantages and experiences that make it appealing to many riders. Here are some advantages of motorbike camping:

  • Compact and Lightweight: When carrying camping gear on a motorbike, it is essential to pack small and light. Motorbike camping gear, such as compact tents and lightweight sleeping bags, is designed to fit easily into saddlebags and not take up too much space or add excessive weight to the bike.
  • Scenic Campsites: With a motorbike, riders can access remote and picturesque campsites that are inaccessible by other vehicles. They can find idyllic spots with stunning views where they can set up camp and enjoy the tranquility of nature.
  • Immersive Experience: Motorbike camping allows riders to have a more immersive experience with their surroundings. They can sleep under the stars, wake up to the sounds of nature, and embrace the freedom of the open road.
  • Cost-Effective: Camping gear is a one-time investment that can provide countless nights of accommodation at no cost. Riders can save money on accommodations and allocate their budget towards other travel expenses or extend their trip duration.

Carrying camping gear on a motorbike is essential for riders who want to explore new destinations, have the freedom to choose their accommodation, and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. It offers a unique and rewarding experience that combines the thrill of motorcycling with the serenity of camping.

Packing Essentials For Motorbike Camping

When it comes to motorbike camping, choosing the right gear and optimizing space and weight are essential. Here are some tips to help you carry your camping gear on a motorbike efficiently:

Choosing The Right Gear

  • Motorcycle Panniers: Invest in a good set of motorcycle panniers that are specifically designed for carrying gear on your bike. These panniers are durable, waterproof, and can be securely attached to your bike’s frame, providing ample storage space.
  • Tank Bag: A tank bag is a handy accessory that attaches to the top of your bike’s fuel tank. It provides easy access to important items like your phone, wallet, and maps while riding. Look for a tank bag with multiple compartments and a clear map pocket.
  • Roll Bag: A roll bag, also known as a dry bag or travel bag, is a versatile option for carrying bulky items like your tent, sleeping bag, and clothes. These bags are typically made from waterproof materials and can be strapped to the back of your bike. Choose a roll bag with compression straps to save space and keep your gear secure.
  • Tool Tube: A tool tube is a cylindrical container that can be mounted to your bike’s frame or crash bars. It is a great way to carry essential tools for roadside repairs and maintenance. Look for a tool tube that is rugged and waterproof to protect your tools from the elements.

Optimizing Space And Weight

  • Organize and Pack Efficiently: Use smaller bags or compression sacks to organize your gear inside the panniers and roll bag. This will help maximize space and keep everything organized. Pack heavier items at the bottom of the panniers to ensure stability while riding.
  • Minimize Non-Essential Items: Avoid overpacking and only bring the essential items you’ll need for your camping trip. Leave behind any non-essential items that will only add weight and take up space.
  • Consider Lightweight and Compact Gear: Look for lightweight and compact camping gear options to save space and reduce weight. For example, consider a lightweight tent, compact camping stove, and collapsible cookware.
  • Utilize External Storage: If you need additional storage space, consider adding a top case or cargo net to your bike. These can be used to securely carry extra gear or items like helmets, jackets, or groceries.

By choosing the right gear, organizing your gear efficiently, and minimizing non-essential items, you can carry your camping gear on a motorbike with ease. Just remember to prioritize safety and stability while riding by distributing the weight evenly and securely attaching your gear to your bike.

For more tips and information on motorbike camping and gear, check out this handy motorcycle camping gear checklist.

Types Of Motorcycle Camping Gear

When it comes to carrying camping gear on a motorbike, there are several options to consider. Each type of gear has its own advantages and can be used to accommodate different items. Here are some common types of motorcycle camping gear:

Duffel Bags And Rok Straps

Duffel bags are versatile and spacious options for carrying camping gear on a motorbike. They are typically made from durable materials and offer a large storage capacity. Duffel bags can be strapped onto the rear seat or attached to a luggage rack using Rok Straps for added security. These straps have adjustable tension and are known for their reliability in securing gear to prevent shifting or bouncing while riding.

Motorcycle Panniers

Motorcycle panniers are specially designed bags or cases that attach to the sides of a motorbike. They come in various sizes and styles, including hard-sided cases and soft-sided bags. Panniers offer a secure and organized way to carry camping gear, as they are typically waterproof and provide easy access to your belongings. They can be mounted directly onto the frame or attached using a dedicated mounting system.

Tank Bags

Tank bags are small bags that are attached to the fuel tank of a motorbike. They provide convenient storage space for items that require quick and easy access, such as maps, cameras, or snacks. Tank bags typically have clear map pockets, compartments, and expandable features for increased storage capacity. They are secured to the tank using straps or magnets, ensuring stability during the ride.

Roll Bags Or Top Cases

Roll bags or top cases are cylinder-shaped bags that can be strapped or mounted on top of a motorcycle luggage rack. They are ideal for carrying soft and bulky items, such as sleeping bags, clothing, or camping tents. Roll bags are often made from waterproof materials to protect your gear from the elements. They offer a hassle-free packing experience and can be easily secured using straps or bungee cords.

These are just a few examples of the types of motorcycle camping gear available. The choice ultimately depends on personal preferences, the amount of gear you need to carry, and the level of convenience and accessibility you desire. By selecting the right gear, you can ensure a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience on your motorbike trip.

For more information on motorcycle camping gear, you can refer to this comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to know about packing for a motorcycle camping adventure.

Organizing And Securing Gear

When it comes to carrying camping gear on a motorbike, organization and secure fastening are key. Here are some tips and techniques to help you carry your gear safely and efficiently:

Tips For Packing Motorcycle Panniers

Motorcycle panniers are a popular option for carrying camping gear on a motorbike. Here are some tips for packing and organizing your panniers:

  • Pack heavy items low and towards the front of the panniers to maintain stability and balance.
  • Use packing cubes or dry bags to keep your gear organized and protected from moisture.
  • Utilize the space efficiently by rolling clothes instead of folding them and using compression bags for bulky items.
  • Place frequently accessed items in accessible areas for easy retrieval.

Packing And Securing Food And Water

Keeping food and water secure during your motorbike camping trip is essential. Here are some tips:

  • Pack non-perishable food items in sealable containers or resealable bags to prevent spills and keep them fresh.
  • Use a separate dry bag or container for water bottles to avoid leaks and spills.
  • Securely fasten food and water containers to prevent them from shifting during the ride.
  • Consider using insulated bags or coolers to keep perishable items fresh for longer periods.

Utilizing Roll Bags For Bulky Items

Roll bags are an excellent option for carrying bulky camping gear on a motorbike. Here’s how to make the most of them:

  • Roll clothes tightly to save space and prevent wrinkles inside the roll bag.
  • Place heavier items such as sleeping bags or tents at the bottom of the roll bag for stability.
  • Use compression straps or straps with buckles to secure the roll bag tightly onto the motorbike.
  • Consider using waterproof roll bags to keep your gear dry in case of rain or water splashes.

Benefits Of Rok Straps For Secure Fastening

Rok Straps are an innovative and reliable tool for securing camping gear to your motorbike. Here’s why they are a popular choice:

  • Rok Straps combine the adjustability of straps with the elasticity of bungee cords, allowing you to securely fasten various types of gear.
  • They offer a flexible means of mounting cargo, allowing you to adjust the length and tension precisely.
  • Rok Straps have no hooks, eliminating the risk of damaging your motorcycle’s paint or plastic parts.
  • They are lightweight, easy to use, and provide a secure grip on the cargo.

When packing and organizing your camping gear on a motorbike, remember to prioritize safety, stability, and accessibility. Properly securing your gear using techniques like using motorcycle panniers, roll bags, and Rok Straps will ensure a smooth and enjoyable camping adventure.

Additional Gear Considerations

Using Tank Bags For Valuables And Quick Access Items

Tank bags are a practical and convenient option for carrying your valuables and items that you need quick access to while on the road. These bags attach to the top of your motorcycle’s fuel tank and provide a secure storage space. Here’s why tank bags are a great addition to your motorbike camping gear:

  • Convenient Access: Tank bags usually have a clear map pocket on the top, allowing you to easily view your navigation devices or maps while riding.
  • Storage Capacity: Tank bags come in different sizes, so you can choose one that suits your storage needs. They typically have multiple compartments and pockets to help you organize your essentials.
  • Weather Resistance: Look for tank bags that are made from durable and weather-resistant materials, such as nylon or polyester. This ensures that your belongings stay dry and protected during rainy rides.
  • Versatility: Many tank bags come with a detachable shoulder strap, allowing you to easily carry them off the bike when you reach your destination.
  • Security: Some tank bags have lockable zippers or built-in locks to keep your valuables secure while you’re away from your motorcycle.

Carrying Tools For Emergency Repairs

When embarking on a motorbike camping trip, it’s essential to carry a set of tools for emergency repairs. Here are some considerations for carrying tools on your motorcycle:

  • Tool Rolls: Tool rolls are a compact and efficient way to carry your essential tools. They usually have individual slots or compartments for different tools, keeping them organized and easy to access.
  • Multitools: A multitool is a versatile tool that combines various functions in one, such as pliers, screwdrivers, knives, and more. Investing in a high-quality multitool can save space and provide a wide range of repair options.
  • Tire Repair Kit: Flat tires can happen at any time, so it’s important to carry a tire repair kit. These kits typically include tire plugs, patches, glue, and tools for repairing punctures.
  • Spare Parts: Depending on the duration and remoteness of your trip, it may be wise to carry spare parts such as fuses, bulbs, cables, and a spare inner tube.

Options For Carrying Tents And Sleeping Bags

Carrying tents and sleeping bags on a motorcycle requires careful consideration of storage options. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Roll Bags: Roll bags, also known as dry bags, are a popular choice for carrying camping gear. These bags are made of waterproof material and can be rolled down to remove excess air, allowing you to save space. They are typically attached to the back of the motorcycle using straps or bungee cords.
  • Top Cases: Top cases provide secure and lockable storage for your camping gear. They are usually mounted on a luggage rack or directly on the rear seat. Top cases offer the advantage of being easily removable, allowing you to take your belongings with you at your destination.
  • Saddlebags: Saddlebags, whether hard or soft, are another option for carrying tents and sleeping bags. Hard saddlebags offer more protection and security, while soft saddlebags are more flexible and can expand to accommodate larger items.
  • Panniers: Panniers are side-mounted storage compartments and can be a great option for carrying camping gear. They come in both hard and soft options and provide a secure and balanced way to carry your equipment.

When choosing a storage option, consider the size and weight of your camping gear, as well as your personal preference and riding style.

Remember, proper packing and secure fastening of your camping gear is crucial for safe riding. Ensure that your load is balanced, and regularly check the stability and tightness of your attachments to avoid any accidents on the road.

Benefits Of Motorbike Camping

Motorbike camping offers several advantages that make it an appealing option for adventurous travelers. Here are some of the benefits:

Cost Savings And Greater Mobility

One of the major benefits of motorbike camping is the cost savings. By camping instead of staying in hotels, you can significantly reduce your accommodation expenses, allowing you to allocate more budget to other aspects of your trip.

Some of the cost savings associated with motorbike camping include:

  • No need to pay for expensive hotel rooms
  • No camping fees at designated campsites
  • Freedom to explore various destinations without being tied to hotel bookings

Additionally, motorbike camping provides greater mobility. You have the freedom to travel at your own pace, change your itinerary spontaneously, and explore off-the-beaten-path destinations that are not easily accessible by traditional means of transportation.

Opportunities For Wild Camping And Local Interactions

Motorbike camping also offers opportunities for wild camping, where you can set up camp in remote and scenic locations. Wild camping allows you to immerse yourself in nature, away from crowded campsites and tourist areas. It gives you a sense of solitude and serenity, providing a unique connection with the natural surroundings.

Moreover, motorbike camping enables you to have interactions with local people and communities. When you camp in less touristy areas, you may have the chance to meet and interact with locals, gaining insights into their culture, traditions, and way of life. This can create memorable and authentic experiences that you might not have had if you stayed in hotels.

By embracing motorbike camping, you can enjoy the freedom of the open road, save money, and have a more immersive and adventurous travel experience.


Carrying camping gear on a motorbike can be a challenge, but with the right planning and equipment, it can be a seamless and enjoyable experience. Here are some key tips to consider when carrying your camping gear on a motorbike:

Key Tips For Carrying Camping Gear On A Motorbike

  1. Keep your gear organized: Use dry bags or panniers to keep your camping gear in one place and prevent it from getting wet, damp, or smelly. This will also make it easier to set up and take down your campsite.
  2. Pack light: Only bring the essentials and be selective about the items you take. Consider multi-purpose gear and prioritize lightweight and compact options to save space on your motorbike.
  3. Consider your luggage system: Choose a luggage system that suits your needs and preferences. Whether it’s saddlebags, a tail bag, or a tank bag, make sure to distribute the weight evenly and secure the gear properly to avoid accidents.
  4. Dress appropriately: Wear protective gear and layer your clothing to adapt to daily temperature changes. This will ensure your comfort and safety while riding to your camping destination.
  5. Plan your route and destination: Research and plan your daily mileage and the location of your campsite in advance. Consider the weather conditions and make reservations if necessary to ensure a smooth and hassle-free trip.

Enhancing The Motorbike Camping Experience

To enhance your motorbike camping experience, consider the following:

  1. Connect with like-minded people: Join motorcycle camping clubs or plan group outings to meet and connect with others who share your passion for motorcycles and the great outdoors.
  2. Immerse yourself in nature: Take the time to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings, reconnect with nature, and immerse yourself in the natural world. Be mindful of your surroundings and respect wildlife and the environment.
  3. Enjoy the journey: Motorbike camping is about more than just reaching your destination. Embrace the freedom of the open road, take in the stunning vistas, and make stops along the way to fully appreciate the adventure.

By following these tips and making the necessary preparations, you can have a successful and enjoyable motorbike camping experience. So gather your gear, plan your route, and embark on an unforgettable adventure on your motorbike. External URL: Motorcycle Camping Tips and Tricks – Escape on Two Wheels